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Hi! Thanks for coming.  I hope I am doing this right.

I’m Suzy – that’s the name of a book I had when I was a kid.  Seriously, I went back home in my 20’s and tried to find this small hardback children’s book, but for some reason, though my Mom kept many, many, many other things, this book was gone.

Really though, I am Sue, but I remember this book so well because, well, it was sort of my name (hey, my dad called me SuzyBelle, sometimes), and it was about a toddler-sized girl who had a baby brother but she was still herself because she could do things he couldn’t, and bottom line, she was proud of who she was and her parents still loved her.  Dang, I wish I had that book still!

Anyway, I’m Sue, and I’ve done great things with 4 children, being married twice and still on #2, made mistakes and still regretting a few choices in my life but also appreciating every day and the opportunities still to come.  I love Outlander, quilting not quite like my Mom and Grandma did as most of theirs was by hand and mine is by machine but that’s okay, learning new things every day because it makes time slow down (look it up, it’s a brain thing), greeting each day with a smile, and hoping someday feeling like I really did make  difference in the world (maybe I already have and just don’t know it yet).

Stitchin' together words and quilts.

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