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Vote for whoever to stop whoever or Stop the TPP

Hi, how you doin? <in my cheesy Joey Tribbiani voice>
Has the cacophony of this election and its constant barrage of bs between long hidden videos and audios (why now?) of Trump and Wikileaks daily dumps (why not before!?) made you want to pull you hair out, grab your metaphorical torch and pitchfork to take our country back, or made you wonder “WTF we are missing with the shit show that is being presented?”
Do you ask yourself daily, besides voting for whoever to stop whoever, what else can I do?
Well, I’ll let you in on something you can do right now, and it takes like about 2 minutes. Seriously, 2 minutes, if even that long. Just click this link and share this post everywhere you can.
This has to do with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). IDK if you noticed, but Bernie Sanders got an almost 3 minute standing ovation at the Democratic National Convention (and it took me looking at 10 videos to find this, interesting…)  His speech at the DNC, which was practically his stump speech, the last item he mentioned was the TPP. Now, if you already know how bad this “free” (not “free”) trade deal is, you can just click below, type in your zip code and be on your way to sending your Senators and House Representative a letter stating that you oppose this “free trade” deal.
If not, continue to read on, and I hope I can convince you to still take those less than 2 minutes to let your representatives know how you feel.
Now, if you are already further activated, you can protest, march, call your representatives, make road signs, and/or pass this on to all of your friends, relatives, political activists, co-workers – anyone really, as many haven’t even heard of it, but those who have – the majority oppose it.
Proponents of the TPP like to pretend that it and similar agreements are all about “free trade,” and that production and service sector jobs alike will end up located wherever they’re most “efficient.” You and I know that’s a load of manure.
Jobs get moved offshore under pacts like the TPP to wherever workers are the most exploited and environmental regulations are the weakest. This offshoring has nothing to do with efficiency, and everything to do with big corporations taking advantage of governments’ willingness to suppress labor, environmental, and pro-democracy advocates.
Far from improving labor and environmental rights in Vietnam and elsewhere, the TPP would give elites even greater opportunity to profit off of continued repression. The TPP must be stopped.
Enough is enough: Urge Congress to speak out for human rights and to oppose the TPP today.
Corporate lobbyists want to sneak the unpopular TPP for a vote in Congress during the Lame Duck session immediately after the U.S. election. We need your help urging Congress to speak out the TPP before then. Please take action now.
Many thanks,
Arthur Stamoulis, Executive Director

MSQC- Disney World for Quilters!

For many of you quilters out there, you know what MSQC stands for – the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  If you’ve ever looked up quilting tutorials on YouTube, you’ve probably seen Jenny Doan, the owner and creator of the Missouri Star Quilt Company giving tutorials on making quilts and other things quilted.    She loves using precuts  and saying things like “awesome”, “this is so much fun.” and “isn’t it adorable?”.   Her enthusiasm  and cheerful disposition makes you want to go out and buy tons of fabric and start putting together quilt tops as soon as possible!

MSQC is located in Hamilton, Missouri, which happens to be about 4 1/2 hours from where I live.  I’ve known about this place for a couple of years and always said I wanted to go visit there, but hadn’t done it yet.  My friend and I talked about going for about a year now, and we finally decided to go last weekend for an overnight trip.  They were having a car show, quilt show, prizes and lots of things going on, so it seemed like a good time to go.

In just six short years, Jenny has gone from having just one shop to now having five shops that sell  fabric and other quilting supplies and even a bed and breakfast so quilters can come and stay overnight on a retreat.  They are also in the process of refurbishing two other buildings  that I’m not even sure what their use will be, and someone told us with the plans that they have, when they are done, there will be somewhere in the teens of buildings and shops!  It’s like a small empire!

Needless to say, after a 4 1/2 hour drive and before we knew all this expansion information, my friend and I were anxiously hoping that the trip was worth it.  I can report with extreme honesty that it certainly was well worth the trip!   Not only did I get to meet Jenny Doan,  I also got to see the Batik Boutique  and visit the Main shop which carries a large selection of wide quilt backing and many other calicoes. They also had the largest selection of flannel prints I’ve ever seen.  The Mercantile, a few doors down, was a store totally devoted to vintage and reproduction fabrics, which I love the 30’s and 40’s reproductions because they remind of old quilts my Grandma did.  One of the stores had all holiday prints, such as Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth of July.   And then there was the store devoted to novelty prints  and a very large selection of solids (Penney’s Quilt Shop – Hamilton is the home and birthplace of J.C. Penney!)  And all of the stores had the most precuts I had ever seen – layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles, and more.  They even have a burger place and a bakery!

I also got to meet Angela Waters and bought one of her books. My friend bought a wide selection of fabric for various projects.  I bought my first jellyroll – which I can’t wait to unroll!

While talking to Angela, I said, “I’m so overwhelmed and have no specific projects in mind so I don’t even know where to begin!”

Angela replied, “This place is like Disney World for quilters. The first time I came here I felt like my head was going to explode!”

If you’ve thought about visiting the MSQC but felt unsure it was worth the time, effort, or money – imagine a Main Street where every other shop is owned and operated by the MSQC. Then, plan your days or weekend, pack your bags, and head on over. You won’t be disappointed!

Where are you going, my little one?

I don’t even remember when my last post was and I didn’t look it up.  Just thought I would update the “masses” of followers I have and let you know what I’ve been up to.

Job hunting – slim pickins in my area, apparently! Six months with 17 years experience and barely a nibble!

Babysitting grandchildren from January 6 to Feb 13 – drove every Sunday to my daughter’s and 3 hours back home every Friday for 6 weeks.  It was good times, and I miss the babies, who are still growing up and learning new things every day!

Started a new job – just last week, and I must say – worst first week ever!  Not because of the job (though it is temp to ???), but because of toothache or was it sinus pain, or was it that the toothache caused the sinus pain?  Horrible pain, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, felt terrible.  Try training with that!  On antibiotics now, which I think are knocking out the tooth infection, but from previous experience, it will come back unless I get a root canal.  Weird that because this tooth has two rather small fillings!

And, that’s the first quarter of my year – oh, wait, forgot to mention the quilting I’ve done.  Um, lets see…

1.Throw size nursery room quilt for grandson #2, grandchild #3.

2.  Crib quilt for Grandchild #3. (these two from Craftsy Block of the Month 2012) – loads of work, but got some new experience in piecing!  Hey, I’m trying to like it.  I’m getting pretty awesome at it, but I still love the FMQ!

3.  Two crib quilts for a friend of mine for her step-brother’s daughters who are both pregnant at the same time and due within 6 days of each other in May. One pink, one blue.


4.  Two Christmas tree skirts with Mickey and Minnie themed – the first one was a bust because the red backing bled (yeah, my friend and I both forgot about pre-washing!).  Everything turned kind of pink.  Second is on the machine now and will hopefully be done tomorrow or Wednesday.


5. Diaper changing pads for Grandchild #3.


I’m probably forgetting something, but I need to sleep because, you know, work tomorrow.


Today is not that day

I’ve been watching my grandkids for a couple weeks in December and since January 6 till February 13.

Joanna is 6 months old now, and Andy is 2 1/2 years old.  He has hit the “terrible twos” to some extent.  Mostly, he’s a very loving, wonderful kid, but he’s beginning the stages of on purpose disobedience.

“Andy, don’t do that!” and Andy does exactly what you told him not to do.  Kind of like “The Cat in the Hat” movie  he currently likes (thanks to me for bringing it in December  . . . NOT!).  In the movie, poor Conrad does everything opposite what his mother tells him, and later figures out how to control Thing 1 and Thing 2 because they also do the opposite of what they are told.

I don’t actually think that would work with Andy, but today I decided, you have to pick your battles.  I fairly much wrestled him on the sofa to change his diaper after nap.  I got up and removed him from the entertainment center when he wouldn’t stay away as I was feeding his sister.  I insisted the teething “paw” actually may have been his once, but not now, it was his sister’s and leave it alone.

But, when he took a couple of her toys away, because he thought they were his (and, in fact, at one time they had been when he was 6 months old), I decided to let him have them.  Joanna is easy going.  She’ll be happy as long as she has something to grab and put in her mouth that looks the least bit interesting.  One day, she’ll cry when he takes away her toy(s), but today is not that day.

I repeated that, “Today is not that day!”  Today is not the day to tell Andy not to take Joanna’s toys.  Instead, I tried to teach him of sharing and if he wanted to take what she was playing with, make sure she has something else. That, in fact, perhaps all toys were “their’s” and not “his” or “her’s” – that they could share all their toys.

He was actually most cooperative with this concept, well, at least the first part of making sure she had something else.

It made me realize that “today is not that day” may actually be an extremely good motto for new parents, parents of teenagers, or any various and sundry reasons.

Think about it… Is today that day for you?

Happy New Year

I’ve missed the blogging world, for some time now.  I have/had an idea for a series of posts, and even though  I have worked on it quite a few times, December was a very busy month, and January and February promise to be, too.

I do want to kick it up a notch or two, this year, so I best get started.

In the next couple weeks, I’ll be working on my series of posts called Quilter’s Dirty Little Secrets.  Actually, I thought of another name somewhere in the middle of December; however, I didn’t write it down and can’t remember it because – well, if I detail my projects in December, you’ll understand.

So, Happy New  Year 2015 – Let’s do this!

P.S., I’m also still looking for a job, preferably my dream job!



OMG, another super weird thing happening – Firefox and Safari are not working but IE is.  Crap, and all my bookmarks, etc. are in Firefox!

Hubby says tonight at dinner that he usually watches everything video wise in Google Chrome, and it hasn’t been working on his 6-8 year old laptop.  Although it did fine until two days ago and he doesn’t know why it suddenly stopped working!

OMG, is that my problem tonight? How old is this computer?  How do I find out?  I know it’s nothing less than -6 years old, but how do I know?  Why did this font suddenly increase in size?  All on it own, seemingly?

What is going on, back to original font size?   OMG!

So, weird things are still happening these day while the grandkids are here.

Tonight, me and my daughters took HIMYM and Friends character quizzes on BuzzFeed and PlayBuzz to see which character we were.

Two of us Monica on one, the other Rachel. Then, I said, I would never be Barney, and we took HIMYM quizzes – two Marshalls, and I was Barney!

Now, even though IE is working, it is incrediby slow and stupid, and almost stopped responding? Agh!!!

So, we saw this cricket crawling across the floor in the living room, and then it went under the couch.  Later, we were sitting taking quizzes and talking, and the little cricket came out again.  High school daughter (#2) stepped on it with my flip flop, two or three times to kill it,  picked it up with a flyswatter, and I told her put it in the toilet and flush it, not in the trash, because it might not be dead yet, and I said – “I don’t ever kill crickets, I get a jar and take them outside.” and they were both like “Why?” and I said…

“Because… Jimminy Cricket from Pinnochio.” and because I heard it is bad luck to kill a cricket.

And they were “What?”

And, I said, also “I don’t eat deer.” and they were like, “okay, why?” and I said, “Because…a) yucky, and b) Bambi and his mom and my dad once killed a doe, and brought it home, and I remember someone carrying me down to the basement to see the dead deer that was in the cellar steps, and I remember her laying there, head to the floor, body on the stairs, and neck askew, bent backwards, clearly dead.  But also, I asked my dad within the past 6 year why I don’t remember having deer meat or deer stew, and he said, “I killed one deer, and that time I tried stew, sausage, frying, baking, etc, but I just didn’t care for deer meat.”

And then, a bit later, I went the bathroom, and came out to say, “Always flush the dead bugs.” BECAUSE Jimminy was still floating, and daughter #2 says, “I did.” and I said, “Learn!  This is why you always watch to see that they actually do go down!”

And, they said, I wasn’t hip, even though I know peoples are saying this “Because” thing right now, and it’s like current and trendy, “Because, no, how could you be current or trendy being like a Grandma and 53 years old and you must be totally out of it.” or something, Well, duh, of course, that’s exactly why I was saying it!

Okay, so I don’t know a lot of current lingo, but I do know some – even if I am still not sure I understand what a meme is.

So, yes, even though I am not a teenager born between 1995 and 2001, or in my 30’s born between 1975 and 1984, I was a child of the 60’s, albeit born in 1961, so yes, I’m not the hippie culture, but I knew about it later on in the 70’s, etc. So, duh, I can still act like I’m hip, aye?

Then, later, I have to close and lock the back gate “Because, son is coming to visit with dogs!” And, my teenage daughte was saying “like, why are you doing this?” and I said “Because, like ‘dogs’ tomorrow.” and she was like, “Oh, Mom…”

And, I am now like, “Am I past the age of being cool?  Perhaps so.   Aww,  Fonzie, I’m sorry, we aren’t “Cool” anymore!”

Like, “Because, aging sucks?”. . . .

What’s in a name? My brother Al, or Flo?

This may be the evilest post I have done to date. Sorry, brother Alan, too good to keep to myself.

Being now a woman of leisure, okay, so I know I have to start job hunting this week, but I took a few days to get a grip on this fortuitous event, and went to my dad’s to put up some tomatoes he had for me.

While there, I wanted, still, to find out about this Chivaree that was held in his and mom’s honor on their return from their honeymoon, but somehow skipped over that info.  I did find out a tad about the honeymoon, though Dad didn’t provide the gory details, naturally, he did say where they went and such. So follows what I found out last Friday.

Dad and Mom had a rather heated relationship from about a year or so after Dad graduated (52), they started dating in 1953.  Mom’s best friend was Jane Desgranges (I probably don’t have that spelled right) and she dated Merle DeVries (Dad’s cousin or just a guy he ran around with [friends]).  Anyway, Jane and Merle set up Mom and Dad, and they started dating.

They dated from 1953 to 1955 when Mom graduated, and shortly thereafter, he proposed to her.  I want to note here that Dad asked mom to marry him and gave her the ring several months later, and then, they still didn’t set a date until months after that and even then, the date was one two or three months away.  Considering the way most people handle this today, I thought it kind of interesting.  They married September 29, 1956.

Anyway, I guess they had their ups and downs and Dad told me there were times when they would have a fight and Lucille Monke, from where he worked, would call Mom after seeing my Dad, Nelson, down in the dumps, and tell Mom he was more or less pining for  her, upset about everything, and maybe they could make up.  Yes, people back then, and probably still today, interfered in their love life.

Dad specifically relayed one time that he was so mad after they fought that he marched to his car, started it, and in peeling out spun his wheels so bad as to leave ruts in the rock driveway so that Grandpa asked Mom the next day what had happened.  He doesn’t remember the argument then (aww, too bad :(), but, as we all know, they made up, got married, had children,, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, etc.

On their honeymoon, they left after the wedding and drove a whole 25 miles before stopping on Route 66 in Farmersville.  The place they stayed is no longer there, but Dad says there is a small shack standing by I55 near where the motel was. This again, was interesting to me, because they didn’t have a special hotel or plan, just started driving and only made it 25 miles before stopping.  Was it the lust or fatigue?  The world may never know.

They went to Janesville, Wisconsin,  stayed the night and went through a cave there.  Mom had a pen pal in Iowa that she wanted to visit, so from there, they went to a farm near Waterloo, Iowa.  Her name was Shirley Luhring (I think that is the spelling).  After seeing Shirley, I think they drove back home.

Weird unusual thing, Mom died in February 2008 and later that year, in May, we found out that Shirley had died in a tornado that hit Iowa (warning, this is really sad).  I write this now only as a remembrance of all these events.

After visiting Iowa, they returned home.  The Chivaree was held upon their return and before Dad reported back for service from his leave.   Maybe next time I will get information on that.

After talking about the logistics of the honeymoon, no romantic details, we somehow got on the subject of kid’s names.  Oh, I remember now.  Dad brought up how we also in 1964 went to Oklahoma and Kansas on a family vacation, I think the only one we EVER took.  This was, again, to meet one of Mom’s pen pals, and also he had some relation in Kansas.

He then said, “You know how mom always said (my brother) Alan’s name would have been Florence if he had been a girl?” and I said, “No, I don’t remember that and if any of us had remembered it, I’m pretty sure my older brothers would have nicknamed him Flo long ago!” (Sorry, Al, I’m sure if Mark or John read this, they won’t be calling you Big Al anymore!)

He continued that is was sort of a joke because Mom was convinced that she got pregnant when we were stopped in Florence, Kansas on the way back from this trip.

So, I proceeded to ask him what all of our names would have been if we had been the opposite sex, and how they picked our names.  I wonder how many people really ask their parents about this?  I don’t remember ever asking my mom or dad before the other day. And sorry, sibs, but I’m pretty sure Mom had a better memory than Dad about these things and would have provided more detail, but what can we do about that now?

Going from oldest to youngest, here they are.

Child #1 – Dad doesn’t remember the girl’s name, but he liked Wayne (his or mom’s cousin) and Mom liked John, so, John Wayne it was.

Child #2 – They both picked Mark fairly easy, but it was Mom who picked Henry – grandfather’s, great-grandfathers – I think I once counted my great grandfather’s and great-great grandfather’s just on my Mom’s side and their were 3 Henry’s and 3 Fred’s.  A funny side note, however, Mark’s nickname now is Fred Ziffel.

Child #3 – Mom wanted Susan, but Dad has a great aunt Susan who he claims was the ugliest woman he ever knew, so he said to Mom, “Don’t name her that, I’ll always think of Aunt Susan when I see her.” so Mom compromised, and dropped it to just Sue.  Elaine came from some family name, maybe on Mom’s side – Dad wasn’t sure, and knowing what I know about my family tree, I’m not either.

Child #4 – Dad wasn’t sure if Ruth was named after one of his aunts, though I do remember the lady and she was quite nice, or Ruth from the Bible – but he was sure her middle name, Sharon, was after the babysitter.  He said, Mom really liked Sharon.  She lives in my metro area and I have seen her and talked to her a few times since Mom died, and I have to agree, she’s a nice lady, and I’m sure she was an awesome babysitter.

Child #5 – I’m not sure where Alan came from, but Dad wanted to name him Matthew, well, because of the Gospels of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).  Mom wasn’t too keen on the idea, so again compromised thereby using Matthew as the middle name.  Where Alan came from?  Dad had no idea.

Side note – Dad said if they had another boy, you know what his name would have been – yeah, Luke.

And, that concludes my recent historical talk with Dad.  One other minor tidbit totally unrelated to all this – he told me my great-grandfather, Henry, drank wine, supposedly with every meal (even breakfast).  He  had a small vineyard at the farm and would put up 5-55 gallon drums of wine each year (bottled, of course), and it would all but be gone the next year.  I figured it out, and if he didn’t give much away, he, and I guess his wife, were drinking about a half gallon of wine a day.   That’s supposing that my dad had the drum size correct, which is tough to say since Great-Grandpa was already passed when he and mom started dating.  I asked him how he knew this information, and he said, well, of course, Mom had told him. So,  take this info with a huge grain of salt, no?

Tune in next time for more family history.  Is this good stuff or what?    I’ll work on being funnier next time.

In which I’m now a woman of leisure

I chose my title today based on this one particular blog I follow.  A lot of her posts begin with “In which”, and here is just one post:

In which there was garlic. 

The title of the blog is All Fooked Up, which is kind of how I feel about today (actually started this on the 2nd) and why I chose the title I did.

I can’t go into anything except to say that I was “let go” from my job this morning.  I’m not sure if it was a downsizing, my job performance (although my boss said he’d be happy to write a letter of recommendation because my technical skills are “fine”, so why am I being let go?), but, the truth is I kind of have been wondering if it was coming and me knowing not that my job was bad or anything, just kind of boring after 8 years.

I wanted to be upset, and, who can say that being “let go” does suck, and it always does, but in truth, I was actually happier and felt more relieved than I have in a while. Not that my job was bad in any way or anything like that, it’s just, I think I have outgrown it.

So, now I’m job hunting, or maybe looking for something temporarily because I might just go to my daughter’s house come January and take care of my grandkids until Spring Break, cause I’d really enjoy the change of pace, cause it’s something I “want” to do, cause she’d like not to put her baby into daycare until she has to, cause I’d enjoy the bloody heck out of it, but when it comes right down to it, when am I ever going to have a chance to do this again!?

Now, if only I can make the financials work for the next few months, still able to pay my monthly bills, and have enough to be able to take a couple months off – that’s the question.

Not to be bragging, but I think I’m a touch “smarter than the average bear” and I hope I can figure this out or have providence step in and deal me a much needed “here you go when you may not have expected it”, or otherwise pinch and finagle my way to allow this fortuitous eveny to occur.

Let’s just say at 53, I’m rethinking my dreams, goals, and plans for the future.

At least I have time to clean and organize my house and my quilting stuff now, which I’ve been too busy to do for quite some time and it’s sorely needed!

I wish you all well.




If I was 12 again…

Daily Prompt

In a reversal of Big, the Tom Hanks classic from the 80s, your adult self is suddenly locked in the body of a 12-year-old kid. How do you survive your first day back in school?

I’m twisting this a bit, that I was 12 again, but back to me when I was 12 in 1973.

Oh, don’t we all wish we could go back to our youth, knowing then what we do now?

I’d be oh so much leary of boys, even as much as I was then, even more so if I went back to that age from now.  Knowing how silly the whole adolescent thing is, I can just imagine some of the things I would say to those young lads that would probably turn their faces green hearing such as they’d never heard from any other class mate, let alone a girl!  It might interest them even more to be sure they were my first kiss or scare the bloody pants off them so they be so scared of me never to say another word in my direction!

And the girls?  I can imagine how blunt I would be to them about how boys aren’t everything, and how they would all probably hate me, but years later see I was most likely right!

Oh, the teachers – they’d probably all be admiring me for all the learning I was rapt in attention on hearing, cause now I’d know, even if I knew now it wasn’t important in day to day life, I’d still know the importance of learning.  Course, I wasn’t a “D” student, by any means, no, an “A” or even a “B” if I didn’t grasp it well, still, I’d probably be head of my class, not 3rd or 4th.

And my parents, oh, my mom would probably wonder if I had been abducted by aliens like me and my sister once wondered about her – cause I’d be so helpful, kind and considerate, hugging and loving on her like she hadn’t seen from me since I was a toddler, and wonder why I was asking why she didn’t like doctors and trying to plant into her head, maybe they weren’t all bad even though I understand why she was leery of them, asking her about how her and Dad met, now they courted, how she felt on her honeymoon, and so many other things she’d most likely think maybe I had been abducted by aliens! She’d probably wonder why I’d was trying so hard to get her to spend time with her dad and asking about long gone ancestors with as much detail as she could provide, rapt with attention and taking notes. Yes, she’d certainly think I was ready to be committed!

And, even though I have a closer relationship with my dad now then I ever did, he’d probably be a wondering, too, what happened to this pre-teenager to make her so apt in attention, listening to her dad, and actually talking to him about realities of life, also asking questions about ancestors, his youth, his courting with mom – sure he’d conspire with mom and they’d both decide I must have gone mental!

My grandparents would most likely also think I had lost my mind and inquire after my parents as to what has become of their first granddaughter.  I’d be wanting to spend time with Grandma so she could teach me how to make peach pie, coffee cake and  numerous other canning and baking secrets.  Then, she’d wonder why I’d taken a sudden interest in quilting, as I never had before.

Grandpa would wonder why I wanted to know what all was in his shed, why he liked Stag beer, how he met Grandma and if they “fell in love”, how their honeymoon went, and if he picked  her over any other girl.  He’d wonder why I was asking so many questions about his dad, Henry and his step-mom, Louisa, the farm,  how it happened that the second house fell into disrepair, why he liked Archway cookies so much, and like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap, I’d probably be steering him to see a doctor or quit smoking cigars.

I can’t even fathom how I’d treat my brothers and sisters!  Imagine me, a relative 53 year old, dealing with my 14 or 16 year old brothers!  They’d do their darndest to best me in verbal combat, but would most likely lose.  My younger siblings, my sister and my brother, would also probably think I’d gone soft as I wondered after them, watching over them, and leaving tidbits of my wisdom, which they would probably ignore. Years later, they’d wonder how I knew so much back then, thinking I must have been beyond my years – ha! If they only knew!

Yes, it would be somewhere over the rainbow for me, but probably more so for those around me, they’d think I was one who had been caught up in a twister and got too big of a bump on my head, most likely.

Yes, it’s probably best this scenario can not in all reality play out, because I’m sure I’d not be able to act the typical 12 year old girl after 40 years, and possibly end up in a mental institution!


Today’s my B-Day

I’m sure by the time I get this posted, my 53rd birthday will be past, in this  time zone, but I’d thought I share a few thoughts anyway.

I went to the grocery store today and had only a few items, but all started with “b”,  strange that.

  • Butcher paper – or freezer paper (there’s a story there)
  • Butter
  • Benadryll (for myself to sleep and my husband who seems to have developed an allergy to grass or cutting grass)
  • Blue Bunny ice cream (not Blue Bell, unfortunately)
  • Bath salts (also known as epsom salts)

I don’t make much ado about my birthday anymore, being 53 this  year.  It’s kind of odd, but I look at it mostly as any other day.  I started a book a couple days ago, and all I really wanted to do was finish reading that, not go out to eat (hubby works late anyway), no cake (gluten free sucks sometimes),  and when my daughter asks what I want for my birthday a few days before, I (as usual) have no real answer.  Not that I don’t want things, just that, basic everyday items are always at the top of my list and in our budget anyway, and things that I really “want” are usually way above that price range.

This year, what I really “want” is a new job (not that mine is bad, just boring and not really much fun at all), to be able to take care of my newborn granddaughter for a few months before she is forced into daycare.

I finished the book, btw, and now looking at August 29, when my grandson turns 2 years old.

I’m going to start in earnest looking for another job, resume updates, applications, and interviews – all that kind of sucks, but I’m really ready for something new.

I don’t know if this post rings true of the Happy Birthday sentiment. I did post the other day, my first in a few weeks, so I’m still a bit rusty after a good run. I apologize for the brevity and discontinuity.

Suzy has to get her blogging groove back, that is for sure, yes?