To Awaken the Masses

Happy New Year

Hi Folks, did you miss me?  I haven’t blogged much in the past couple years, but I’ve made a resolution to start anew.  I may change the name of my blog from OSuzyQuilts, eventually, but for now, I’ll keep the name for auld lang syne.

To start off the New Year – 2017 was so Odd – I hope 2018 is more Even 🙂 – I’ll share a few links that I have found to be especially enlightening.

Links of Interest

I’m sharing links I feel all Americans should see – and at the end of each description – the actual time of each video, so you know what your time commitment will be. The title is the link to the video.

Wealth Inequality in America

If you have ever wondered why the rich get richer and poor get poorer, or even if that’s a thing – this video is a must watch for you.  20 million people have viewed this YouTube video from November, 2012.  I’d like to see this number rise to double that by the end of this year.  Share if you feel the same.  It won’t take much of your time.  The video lays out in precise detail exactly how extreme wealth inequality in the United States is, BUT remember – this video is from 2012, so it’s sure to be a bit worse by now. 6:23 

Corruption is Legal in America

Do you think our representatives actually represent us?  Well, you might be in for a surprise.  Watch this video and find out exactly how congress votes on laws and issues and what “the people” actually support.  5:50

How to Fix America’s Corrupt Political System

Simply stated, as the description of their video states – The vast majority of Americans are fed up with money corrupting politics — but how do we fix it?  5:28

And, for funzies, since I’m in the Land of Lincoln, I thought I would share the various versions of the Gettysburg Address, especially remembering the famous phrase – “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  

So, that’s good for a start.  Enjoy.  Comment, and share any links you think I should feature in my next post.  




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