Dear 1%’ers:

Dear 1%’ers, the 62 richest people in the world who have more wealth than 3.5 billion people (half the population) of the planet, huge multi-national corporations, and all other insanely rich people:

Some will call you Scrooge.  Perhaps that is so.  I wonder, if you could imagine yourself living the Christmas Carol story, would you change?  Would you see that your greed and your hoarding  has detrimental effect not only on the way people see you and the way you view the world, but the potential negative affect on your personal relations and, not just the question of your own very soul, but the question of doing what is in the best interest of all people and the world? 

You are living in a bubble and the jig is up.  We, the 99%, know what you are doing and we know what you have done.  We know that you have pushed for profit over people, the environment, and the welfare of the very planet we all inhabit.  We know of the greed, power, and corruption of our government bought with lobbyists, pay for play, and massive donations to your establishment candidates.  We see your wars for profit and that you try to instill the fear in us of the “enemy.”  We now realize the enemy is the greed, power and money you possess and hoard and continue to grow your already insanely ridiculous wealth to the detriment of the economy, our well-being, and the well-being of the world, while billions live in poverty as you float around the ocean on your fancy yachts and sit in your gilded mansion being waited on by servants.

We see your ownership of the media and stomping on our first amendment rights by confining us to a virtual cage in “free speech zones”.  We see the militarized police state.  We see your owned media bias with blackouts of: important world events, the TPP, a very important Presidential campaign, and more. 

In a way, we are glad you are rich.  We are happy to see people in the world having wealth.  It used to give us hope we could one day climb the ladder of success and out of our poverty or middle class.

But, we now realize how very seldom that happens – as titled – 1% or less – and we also see how things are rigged.  Not just from you pulling the strings – but by advancements in industry and technology.  We are losing our very livelihood to machines.  What choices do we have left?

This letter is an appeal to you – an appeal to look into your heart and consider the implications of all you do to the 99%, our clean water, clean air, our health, our environment, and our very livelihood.  Search your very heart and soul that you may see the future of the human race and this planet depends on you and the decisions you make in the next few years.

I ask that you stop the madness of this election that you have brought on.  Yes – we know the machines are rigged and that Hillary is in your pocket.  We know Trump appears to be crazy and narcissistic – but that he will bow down to your desires when faced with your golden paychecks.

Now is the time to stop the madness.  Give the world the President of the United States who will be the bridge between you and the 99%. You know who that is without my even spelling out his name here – we all know who that is.  Together, we can all build a world that will not only work for all of us, but also for our children and grandchildren and future generations.

The time has come.  The world needs you to STOP THE MADNESS, search deep into your hearts and souls and ask yourself – am I helping to create a better life for everyone on this planet, not just for me, my family, or my bank account? Am I making the world a better place for all, not just for right now, but for well into the future?

We are not asking that you give up all your wealth or power.  We are asking that you use that wealth and power for the highest good of all concerned.  Some call that “love”.  LOVE for your fellow humans.  LOVE for Mother Earth.  And, ultimately, when you live your life to those ends, you will find a very happy place in your heart and soul – one that finds joy in giving that is truly meaningful.  In finding the humanity in yourselves, your light will shine and help others in the world find their humanity, too.

Thank you in advance for reading this letter, for contemplating the ideas put forth here, and for taking action to make whatever changes you see fit within yourself and without to help the world be a better place for all.

I do not want you to think that I condemn your ways.   I do not.  I believe, perhaps, you are only doing what you have been taught, what you may believe is a good and decent way.  I am asking that you take the time to re-evaluate your world view and ask yourself – is this way the best for the world?

I am not asking you to give up your insane wealth, either.  What I am actually asking from you is something none of your millions or billions can buy.

What I am asking of you is to take time out of your busy life, in your gilded mansions to go out into the world – meet the common man; step out of your penthouses, mansions and luxury apartments, in disguise if need be – come meet us – the 99%.  Come see that we are good and decent people who want to work, want to earn our own way, want to provide for our aging parents, sick spouses, and young children.  We need you to help us make a world that works for ALL of us.  Now is the time.

Let’s do this together.  We will help you.  Be our friend, and we will be yours.  Together, we can build a better world, a peaceful world, a sustainable world, a healthier environmentally sound place for us all – where everyone has their basic needs taken care of – food, clothing, shelter, energy, healthcare – and the rest is innovation, technology, imagination, and a world of peace and harmony we have all dreamed of.


The 99%



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