Rangers are in first place in their division

I’m a Texas Rangers fan probably because I went to more of their games than any other team, and also because I loved living in Texas. But my team is  #1 in their division right now so playoffs are almost a sure thing. They are on TV right now which doesn’t happen often being in Illinois.  Hope they make it to World Series!

3 thoughts on “Rangers are in first place in their division”

  1. Hello Suzy, I spotted your like on my blog and rushed right over – expecting heaps to catch up on, but you’re away. I still haven’t done anything at all about getting a quilt going, though I think about it nearly every time I straighten the doona, and say to myself I can’t go back to Suzy’s blog without having at least bought fabric! But, here I am, anyway.

    I guess the Rangers didn’t do much as there was no happy dance post afterwards.

    I hope all is well with you and yours and you all have a happy and safe festive season.

    1. What is “straighten the doona”? Hey, I do sew for others sometimes. What kind of quilt are you thinking of? Any specific pattern? I’ve not been blogging cause I’ve been busy quilting and working 40 hours a week at a job which is on the computer all day long, so I don’t feel like logging in much at home.

      1. ‘Straighten the doona’ is me making my bed. I have a wool-filled ‘doona’ I suppose it’s an eiderdown? It has a removable cover. I’d have to do a simple quilt, else I’ll never finish it.It’s just something I want to do one day. I’ve got my hands full at the moment, and shouldn’t even be thinking of starting something new!

        I thought your job might be taking up your time, and it’s better relaxing at something different when you get home. Thanks for getting back to me. 🙂

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