Brush with Greatness – Jerry Lee Lewis

Yesterday and today, I was listening to Jerry Lee Lewis  (aka the Killer) at work with my headphones.   I just love what he does with a piano.  Great balls of fire, it leaves me breathless, ah….

I recalled the time back in 1982 when my ex was working at a country station in San Antonio, and had an appearance to make at a mall where they would doing something silly about sexy legs or something.  He wore a yellow dress shirt, orange shorts, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.  I have a picture of that somewhere, I think. (I don’t know if anyone actually won or who else was in the contest!)

For whatever reason, I went with him with our baby Nick in tow.  At this mall that night, Jerry Lee Lewis was playing on the same stage the ex walked his “sexy legs” walk.  I wish I would have known then what I know now about how amazingly talented this man is/was.  Stupidly, I wasn’t even sure if I had ever heard of him!  I don’t remember if we even stayed around once he started playing!  How stupid is that?

I know he made a bit of a mess of his life by marrying his 13 year old cousin, and probably a lot of others things I don’t know and don’t know if I want to know.  But, he is one talented piano player, and not a bad singer at all, even if a lot his songs and remakes of other’s songs all sound kind of the same.  I just can’t get enough of that piano slide, it’s actually called a glissando (bet you didn’t know that! I didn’t either until just now!) – and he does it a LOT, like in almost every song, and sometimes several times in one song! Click here if you want to learn  how to do it without hurting yourself.

So, I just want to send a thank you to Jerry Lee Lewis for making my work day a little less painful and little more rockin!

I know this is totally random, but I also had a weird thought because I can type pretty fast, probably not as fast as Jerry Lee can play the piano, though!  But, today I was thinking, Piano Keys …  Keyboard Keys – If all Jerry Lee’s piano playing in his lifetime were translated to keyboard strokes, how long would that book be?  Or how many books would there be in the series?  It’s mind-boggling!

P.S.  He’s still playing, and he’s on his 80th year Birthday tour.  Yup, he was born on my parent’s wedding anniversary (1956), easy to remember – September 29, 1935.  Aww!

P.P.S – Did you know Jerry Lee was one of four members of the Million Dollar Quartet?

By the way, check out the link to his website above by clicking on his name in the first paragraph.  And, even if you don’t do that, you need to go check out this piano pen!

3 thoughts on “Brush with Greatness – Jerry Lee Lewis”

  1. Ha, it took awhile before I stopped thinking of Jerry Lewis the comedian and remembered the right one. That performance of the ex must have been cringe-worthy, but hilarious – probably why I got the wrong Jerry in my head. Having trouble getting yellow shirt, orange shorts, out of my head.

    A koozie? That was a new one on me. We call them stubby holders – or drink holders. A stubby is one of our small bottles of beer.

    Thanks for another interesting post.

      1. Ahh, sounds the same size then (330 – 375 mls here). Called a stubby because before then the normal beer bottle was 750mls – about 25 ounces. So our stubby holders hold stubbies as well as soft drink cans. 😀

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