Where are you going, my little one?

I don’t even remember when my last post was and I didn’t look it up.  Just thought I would update the “masses” of followers I have and let you know what I’ve been up to.

Job hunting – slim pickins in my area, apparently! Six months with 17 years experience and barely a nibble!

Babysitting grandchildren from January 6 to Feb 13 – drove every Sunday to my daughter’s and 3 hours back home every Friday for 6 weeks.  It was good times, and I miss the babies, who are still growing up and learning new things every day!

Started a new job – just last week, and I must say – worst first week ever!  Not because of the job (though it is temp to ???), but because of toothache or was it sinus pain, or was it that the toothache caused the sinus pain?  Horrible pain, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, felt terrible.  Try training with that!  On antibiotics now, which I think are knocking out the tooth infection, but from previous experience, it will come back unless I get a root canal.  Weird that because this tooth has two rather small fillings!

And, that’s the first quarter of my year – oh, wait, forgot to mention the quilting I’ve done.  Um, lets see…

1.Throw size nursery room quilt for grandson #2, grandchild #3.

2.  Crib quilt for Grandchild #3. (these two from Craftsy Block of the Month 2012) – loads of work, but got some new experience in piecing!  Hey, I’m trying to like it.  I’m getting pretty awesome at it, but I still love the FMQ!

3.  Two crib quilts for a friend of mine for her step-brother’s daughters who are both pregnant at the same time and due within 6 days of each other in May. One pink, one blue.


4.  Two Christmas tree skirts with Mickey and Minnie themed – the first one was a bust because the red backing bled (yeah, my friend and I both forgot about pre-washing!).  Everything turned kind of pink.  Second is on the machine now and will hopefully be done tomorrow or Wednesday.


5. Diaper changing pads for Grandchild #3.


I’m probably forgetting something, but I need to sleep because, you know, work tomorrow.



One thought on “Where are you going, my little one?”

  1. Yes, the masses are awfully quiet, but at least I did show up … eventually. I’m glad you have found some work and hope your tooth/sinus is better. Neither as much fun as babysitting the loved littlies. ❤ Take care.

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