Quilter’s Dirty Little Secrets

Even though the final product may be beautiful and appear flawless, every quilter knows, mistakes were made in the process of piecing or quilting this wall hanging, table runner, throw, pillow, potholder, or queen-sized quilt.

Many people look at my quilting pictures on Facebook, receive as a gift (or pay), the finished product, and the oohs and ahhs abound as well as “that’s so beautiful” “creative” “awesome”… or just “wow”.

Even though I feel the perfection of a quilted object lies in the finished product, secretly, I know, the process was anything but perfect.

So, I haven’t decided, but a lady at the local sewing/quilting shop suggested posting one “secret” at a time.    I think that might not be sufficient for the task, but wonder if all these things can be broken up into categories.

I have never really thought about these “secrets” (read: tips) before, as such, to this extent – until I started sewing and quilting the Grandmother’s Fan quilt and the Christmas throw recently completed (in December.)

It was kind of funny, as I was piecing, sewing, ironing, quilting these two objects, that I made those “errors” that prompted me to visit the notion of making a blog post listing these blunder items.

A few weeks ago, as I finished the Christmas throw and completed the Grandmother’s Fan quilt, I thought about these things, and jotted them down as they came up in the process of completing these projects.

Then, because I was in the process of cataloging my, um, mistakes – I was even more aware of every little thing I did, not to mention remembering every other little blunder, uh, minor error, I had made in the past 2.5 years or so.

I’ve given this a bit of thought since I wrote this whole piece, except for this paragraph, and I’m going to try to take on one, secret (tip) at a time.

I’ve been gone missing for a couple months, so please cut me some slack in my writing and cohesivness.

Stay tuned for the next post which will start my series of Quilter’s Dirty Little Secrets (tips).  Again, please grant me some leniency in changing this up as necessary to keep it interesting.




One thought on “Quilter’s Dirty Little Secrets”

  1. Blunders, tell me about them! Mine began in my first year of high school, with snipping a gash in my home economics apron that we were making in sewing class! I had a crash course in patching. Yellow gingham makes me shudder to this day! 😮

    I shrunk my woollen jumper in the clothes dryer, it was yellow too, and I hadn’t even worn it. Thought I’d freshen it up since it had been a long time knitting.

    Another time, I used to take in sewing and I did it again – cut a thread and snipped a hole in the fabric. Shock, horror. It was fortunate that I had enough material to replace that piece, and it was striped fabric, too. I was so relieved and to this day I never ever snip off a thread without checking the blades aren’t going to cut anything else.

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