Today is not that day

I’ve been watching my grandkids for a couple weeks in December and since January 6 till February 13.

Joanna is 6 months old now, and Andy is 2 1/2 years old.  He has hit the “terrible twos” to some extent.  Mostly, he’s a very loving, wonderful kid, but he’s beginning the stages of on purpose disobedience.

“Andy, don’t do that!” and Andy does exactly what you told him not to do.  Kind of like “The Cat in the Hat” movie  he currently likes (thanks to me for bringing it in December  . . . NOT!).  In the movie, poor Conrad does everything opposite what his mother tells him, and later figures out how to control Thing 1 and Thing 2 because they also do the opposite of what they are told.

I don’t actually think that would work with Andy, but today I decided, you have to pick your battles.  I fairly much wrestled him on the sofa to change his diaper after nap.  I got up and removed him from the entertainment center when he wouldn’t stay away as I was feeding his sister.  I insisted the teething “paw” actually may have been his once, but not now, it was his sister’s and leave it alone.

But, when he took a couple of her toys away, because he thought they were his (and, in fact, at one time they had been when he was 6 months old), I decided to let him have them.  Joanna is easy going.  She’ll be happy as long as she has something to grab and put in her mouth that looks the least bit interesting.  One day, she’ll cry when he takes away her toy(s), but today is not that day.

I repeated that, “Today is not that day!”  Today is not the day to tell Andy not to take Joanna’s toys.  Instead, I tried to teach him of sharing and if he wanted to take what she was playing with, make sure she has something else. That, in fact, perhaps all toys were “their’s” and not “his” or “her’s” – that they could share all their toys.

He was actually most cooperative with this concept, well, at least the first part of making sure she had something else.

It made me realize that “today is not that day” may actually be an extremely good motto for new parents, parents of teenagers, or any various and sundry reasons.

Think about it… Is today that day for you?

One thought on “Today is not that day”

  1. That’s a good thing to learn, distract the baby with something else.

    My daughter used to take her children to a toy library and later they had trouble telling the difference with keepers and what had to go back. Visiting at Christmas I went walking into the front yard with my little granddaughter and her new doll pram and W remarked how she hadn’t taken it out of the house before. Poor kid, she thought it might go to the library and she had fallen in love with it. You should have seen her face when it was explained it was hers to keep.

    I don’t know that telling a two year old his toys no longer belong to him is good -it can to add to resentment a new baby can bring. Testing the boundaries is probably a way to get attention, I guess.

    So, you got some quality time in. 🙂 Good for you, Grandma!

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