December Projects

Because of my last post stating whence  I couldn’t remember a different name for Quilter’s Dirty Little Secrets because I was so busy, I thought I might actually fill you in on December projects.

1. Drove 200 miles and back two weeks in a row to babysit grandkids.

2.  Helped a friend finish piecing and then quilted two Christmas tree skirts.

3. Quilted by stencil two kid quilts (Frozen panels) and binding.

4. Finished piecing and quilting a Christmas quilt throw about 63 X 76 inches with binding (there’s a back story regarding rotary cutters to this one!)

5.  Made a few Christmas potholders (new to this potholder game) and a stocking (striped pieced) for a raffle for my sister and mailed to her.

6. Made a tablecloth/fort – house for my grandson to fit my daughter’s kitchen table – an all day project!

7. Made fudge (as I always do for Christmas).

8. Was very sick for a couple days after returning home after second week babysitting grandkids, also after being delayed a day because my car battery decided it was done, which required towing to dealership, waiting a day, a few other items added onto the tab, a drive back home already feeling pretty sick I never want to repeat, ever! etc.

9. Got house ready for grandkid visit which included putting up the tree I haven’t put up in two years.

10. Helped senior year teenage daughter prepare for New  Year’s Eve party for her and her friends with decorations, cleaning, and food. Also chaperoned said party – well, someone had to be “around” anyway! And, then, helped make breakfast for the girls who stayed over and cleanup after

So, that was my December, what about you? Oh, yeah, and I forgot that I also was looking for a job, filling out applications on-line and sending out resumes, etc.


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