I can use the mic on my iPad to write this post

Dear readers,

I just discovered that my keyboard on my iPad has a microphone function which will actually type what I speak. It recognizes to place a period, comma, question mark, or exclamation (though I just had to type those). I’m going to be playing with this over the next few posts. I’m probably still going to have to do some editing, obviously, but I think it might work pretty well for getting my text onto the screen. Even though I’m a fast typist,I think this is kind of interesting. It may also be one of the reasons why I may be finding it very difficult to find a job in the secretarial, office clerical, and administrative assistant positions. I’ve often wondered in the recent years just how long it would take voice recognition software to become decent enough to actually be useful to use. It looks as if that time may have come. I just noticed that every time I get a notification, the microphone goes off. This could be a problem for actually trying to get something done, if people insist on liking all of my posts on Facebook a lot. There also seems to be some kind of a time limit I’m not sure what it is but it doesn’t just stay on continuously. I’m testing it out as you’re reading this or should I say as I’m typing this, and so far it’s maybe it doesn’t have a time. Whoops, yes it does!

Well I think I board you and I are in for now. Okay. I think I’m going to leave that last sentence and let you try to figure out what I was really trying to say there. Tell next time.