Another Fanfare Update

It’s been a while since I reported on the Grandmother’s Fan quilt.  I just mentioned it in the previous post, and thought I would give an update to these two posts.

A Brief Interlude or Fanfare

A Fanfare Update

After running into problems with the border and deciding to add more rows, I’ve been working on stitching up the fan tops by hand with a blanket stitch on about 40 more blocks.

It’s not my favorite part of the process, so it took me a while to complete.

After getting these blocks done, I couldn’t quite remember how I intended to add them.  So, a couple more hours fretting over the layout, I finally decided to just make it 18 rows by 18 rows – adding a pink border of 2.25 inches, and another white border for the scalloped edge varying from 5-8 inches.  This quilt is now ~97 inches long and wide.

I had a few blocks leftover, so I made a pillow top to match the quilt.  Actually, what I wanted to do was test out quilting design so I would know how to quilt the big quilt. After figuring that part out, I was ready to start quilting.

Fan pillow

First, I decided not to go with my natural colored cotton batting, JoAnn’s did not have any warm and white cotton batting in the store when I went to get the wide backing fabric.  I decided to do polyester batting – which is always white, staying away from Mountain Mist which tends to have skimpy areas.

I looked at the Soft and Crafty, and for a few moments thought about going with a medium loft of 1/2″ instead of the usual 1/4″ low loft.

Thankfully, I didn’t because I realized how heavy this quilt was already going to be.  However, as I was basting the backing, batting, and top together, this batting was very lofty indeed! It seems like it has a half inch loft.  I’m hoping it will tame down a bit after quilting.

Unfortunately, this makes quilting very interesting.  I started out with these super awesome gold needles, but the thread kept breaking.   I changed the bobbin, and that didn’t work.  Then, I checked all the tensions, no problem there.  As a final resort, I changed from my fancy needle to a regular Organ 100/16.

Problem solved.  Now, I’ve quilted the center part of the quilt, but after one evening, my arms were already tired!  I’m out of quilting shape!

It’s been the longest process ever!  I can’t remember how many hours I have spent on this quilt – but probably close to $100.  Some amusing math – imagine getting minimum wage for this labor! It’s already a $600-$800 quilt!  And, I’m not done yet, and it will probably be a long quilting job – 20 hours or more!

I’m hoping to be able to post a picture sometime before Thanksgiving.

And now, back to my sewing machine!

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