My wonderful week – last week

Grandchildren were here!

Don’t know if you noticed, I didn’t post last week much.  My two grandchildren were visiting with my daughter from Chicago. 

When we weren’t busy just talking or taking care of the little ones, we went to a special nearby park, painted the lower three feet of concrete at my dad’s house, had a tea party, raked leaves and played outside, had a family get-together so others could meet the baby Saturday, went to hear my son’s jazz band.

My daughter also went to dinner to have the famous delicacy in Springfield – a Horseshoe – look it up,  went to have breakfast with her grandpa, and went to hang out with an old friend with babies in tow and spent some time catching up.  She also did a few loads of baby laundry – I forgot how much laundry they create!

I also forgot how you can’t seem to sit down for more than 2 minutes, and have to get up to do any various and sundry things – save 2 year old from eating lotion, falling down stairs, or locking himself in Auntie’s room.  Get pacifier, diapers, changing pad, or new outfit for either of the two.  By the end of the week, I learned not to sit down with the baby without having a burp (or should I say “spit-up”) cloth in my hand! Food, snacks, pre-soak outfit that was pooped in, emergency bath for said pooping occasion (quickly clean out kitchen sink full of dishes first), get peed on because you didn’t get the bath ready fast enough, mop up pee off kitchen floor.  And all this was for two healthy kids! What if they’d been sick?!

I especially remember during these times, when I took care of a newborn, a kindergartner and a 1st grader for 3 months, by myself, 26 hears ago – and no wonder the ex was concerned for the messy house when he came back for Thanksgiving.  He actually had the gall to ask me what I had been doing for two months! Ha!  Yeah.  Let’s just say A) I let him know EXACTLY what I had been doing for the last two months! and B) one of many reasons why he is “the ex”!

Oh, and in the midst of just normal everyday talking and taking care of small children’s needs, I managed to take several hours to refurbish my daughter’s Linus Blanket – a yellow cover – I think was originally made for a king sized bed.  Somehow, she claimed it as her’s because she would fall asleep rubbing the satiny binding between her fingers.

Well, I’m not going to tell you how old she is, but I can say that yellow cover has seen it’s better days – very thin, all binding ragged or about to come off, etc!

So, she asked if I could repair the binding – and long story short – I cut it in two, folded it over, made two smaller kid size blankets – bound one in red with a lining between (didn’t work out well) – and one in yellow (had the binding down by this time, looks nice.)

Seriously, I tried to buy her a yellow cover with satin binding for Christmas last year, would have had to get it from Ebay from the UK, but they were out of yellow!  Only blanket I could find with satin binding.

All-in-all – it would have been easier to pay the $40-$50 than do what I did.  Did I say satin blanket binding is some pretty tough stuff to sew correctly?  Well, word to the wise – IT IS!  I have it down now, but I did tell her, “You know, it isn’t often I say ‘never again’, but I have to say I’m pretty darn close on satin binding.”

I have more to report from the week – but for now I want to tell you what I told her.

1. I don’t know how she does it.

2. I don’t know how I did it.

3. I wouldn’t miss anytime I spend with them for anything, but man, it’s tiring! I slept a lot Sunday, the day after they left.

4. She is a good inspiration for my blog, if only I had more time to write when I’m around her and the grandchildren!

5.  I love spending time with my daughter because she’s funny and has a great personality, is a great mom, and it’s fun. (Okay, maybe I forgot to tell her this last one.  Hey, maybe she’ll read this post!)

Oh, and, really, I enjoy spending time with all my kids – anytime!


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