Because – changing diapers is messy!

One thing I noticed when my daughter started having babies two  years ago – people don’t sell diaper changing pads!  Yes, they sell “changing table covers” – which are ridiculously expensive.

But, simple cloth or quilted or flannel backed changing pads – I couldn’t really find them in a shop (don’t remember if I searched much on-line) – at all, but I thought I did.

I remembered my mother making me some, I think, and I think I even made a couple sewn flannel ones myself back 30+ years ago. And, they are ever so handy for the changing table or pad or on the sofa, the floor, at a friend’s house, on the bed, in the bathroom at the restaurant on the “baby changing station” (which they didn’t have when I had babies!).

So, why aren’t these readily available?  Or at least, affordable?

I made several two  years ago when my grandson was born – pretty much my first attempt at free-motion quilting and quilt piecing).  She has used them every day since Mr. Man came into this world.

Mr. Man was famous for peeing when you changed him, so she appreciated the several pads I made then.

I made six for granddaughter – sending them up with Auntie when she went up before birth to be there to take care of Mr. Man – telling her, “Tell sissy to keep what she wants, and if she doesn’t want them all, I’ll find a place for them.”

She kept them all.

Spit up, peeing when the diaper is off (ooh, it’s so cold!), dumping a load – each pad only seems to make it through a day or two before hitting the washing machine.

Here’s a picture of the July bunch for my sweet granddaughter.


I’m seriously thinking of making a bunch to have “on hand” for gifts and such.

Should I?

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