Free-write time, woo hoo!


Woo Hoo! Okay, so, I’ve been slightly absent lately.  I’ve got 10 minutes to tell you what’s up.

So, here it is.  I was “let go” from my job, took time to look over the severance agreement, signed up for unemployment, went to Chicago to see my daughter and grandson and new granddaughter for a week, read all 8 books from the “Outlander” series, finishing the last one a couple days ago, have been watching “Outlander” on Starz on Saturday nights (Awesome!), been chilling, and working on a quilt throw for my mom’s cousin that my mom did 12 blocks for.

What else?  Hemmed curtains for my daughter’s newly painted room, paid bills, made lots of dinners, did a bit of grocery shopping (my gosh has everything gone up in price?!), and pretty much not much else.

Daughter #2 got her wisdom teeth out (that was fun), had pizza lunch with someone, been trying to organize quilting materials (mom had lots of stuff, but it’s all in smaller type (fat quarters and maybe a yard or so) (too many scrappy quilts to make!), and tried 3 times to get together with my son for his birthday.

Haven’t been paying much attention to the post-season MLB baseball, though I usually like to watch the World Series, may not this year.

That’s the scoop. Took less than 10 minutes and less than 300 words. Whew! Oh, and one more thing, maybe more, I reconnected with a friend of mine who moved to Scotland 6 years ago, so that’s cool.  She’s a great-grandma now and has a Yorkshire Terrier dog.

I want to try Scottish Highland whiskey, anyone recommend a brand?

That’s about it for the last 5 weeks, oh, and job searching, no interviews yet, which I am sure will be fun!

What’s new in your world?

2 thoughts on “Free-write time, woo hoo!”

    1. After my daughter graduates this year, and two years of junior college, I think moving to Chicago or Texas would be nice.

      Outlander books, do read them all, in order, but I recommend taking more than 6 weeks to do so. I kind of flew through them this time, having read them before several years ago, 2009 or 2010? I can’t exactly remember. I surprisingly recalled much of the storyline, but did forget some key things – and then the 8th book was new just this year. And, it doesn’t seem like the story is finished, still!

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