Today’s my B-Day

I’m sure by the time I get this posted, my 53rd birthday will be past, in this  time zone, but I’d thought I share a few thoughts anyway.

I went to the grocery store today and had only a few items, but all started with “b”,  strange that.

  • Butcher paper – or freezer paper (there’s a story there)
  • Butter
  • Benadryll (for myself to sleep and my husband who seems to have developed an allergy to grass or cutting grass)
  • Blue Bunny ice cream (not Blue Bell, unfortunately)
  • Bath salts (also known as epsom salts)

I don’t make much ado about my birthday anymore, being 53 this  year.  It’s kind of odd, but I look at it mostly as any other day.  I started a book a couple days ago, and all I really wanted to do was finish reading that, not go out to eat (hubby works late anyway), no cake (gluten free sucks sometimes),  and when my daughter asks what I want for my birthday a few days before, I (as usual) have no real answer.  Not that I don’t want things, just that, basic everyday items are always at the top of my list and in our budget anyway, and things that I really “want” are usually way above that price range.

This year, what I really “want” is a new job (not that mine is bad, just boring and not really much fun at all), to be able to take care of my newborn granddaughter for a few months before she is forced into daycare.

I finished the book, btw, and now looking at August 29, when my grandson turns 2 years old.

I’m going to start in earnest looking for another job, resume updates, applications, and interviews – all that kind of sucks, but I’m really ready for something new.

I don’t know if this post rings true of the Happy Birthday sentiment. I did post the other day, my first in a few weeks, so I’m still a bit rusty after a good run. I apologize for the brevity and discontinuity.

Suzy has to get her blogging groove back, that is for sure, yes?


2 thoughts on “Today’s my B-Day”

  1. Happy Birthday Suzy. Congratulations on your latest grandchild.

    As to blogging, I have made myself a rule – never apologize for not posting, never feel that I must be posting, and never ever apologize for not visiting other blogs. I’m a little absent myself, these days. Other things to do and all that. If we don’t post as much, then there isn’t as much blog tending to do. 😀

    Take care and just enjoy your family and job hunting. ❤

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