Absentee – Newborn snuggles

I’ve been gone missing for a while.  I’ll bet you might wonder why?  Well, as it turns out, even though my 17 year old daughter demands quite a bit of attention which I swear is distracting and counter-productive, while she was gone visiting her sister about to give birth, I had a difficult time writing.

After she returned, I went to visit my daughter and newborn granddaughter, thought I would find time to write new and wonderful pithy posts, but, alas, yes, I like using this ridiculous word, alas, I just couldn’t find the time between taking it easy and holding, cuddling, snuggling my newborn granddaughter, who, by the way, seemed to love sleeping on someone in the am after breakfast feeding.

So, here I am now, two days after leaving this blissful status – playing with almost 2 year old grandson, helping out my daughter in what little ways I could, or holding my newborn granddaughter – typing this pathetic post to make up for my two or three week absence.  A feeble attempt at that.

I may revisit the daily prompts, but after holding little Joanna almost every morning after breakfast for a couple hours of Grandma snuggles, it may take me a while to get back to my normal posting self.  Sorry, but I have been scarred, or should I say revitalized, by newborn baby snuggles.  Seriously, is there anything in the world better, more rejuvenating, more refreshing or important than loving on a newborn babe?

That’s all I got to say about that.




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