Time to Reflect

Writer’s Block Party

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?

I experience this often, being a fairly new writer.

I don’t know if I look for a way out of it or if I realize there are times when I just can’t or don’t want to or won’t write. I believe sometimes, I need time to reflect on things before I can write about them.

Yet, sometimes, the Daily Prompts help, and sometimes, they just leave me drawing blanks.  Other times, I find myself having my own ideas, and then I can write freely, with no blocks.

My goal for this blog was one post a week. I know I have surpassed that.  Sometimes, I waiver between blogging or quilting.  At those times, I do what I feel.  If that means I go a week without quilting because I feel like writing, I deal with it.  If that means I go a week or two without quilting because I feel like writing, so be it.

That’s where I stand after about six months of this combination artistic outlet.  I can’t say, at this point, that I want to do without one or the other.  I like both.

Quilting can be cerebral , but basically, even though some people may not realize this, it’s more math, pragmatics, color coordination and labor (cutting, sewing, quilting).

Writing, on the other hand, is mostly cerebral (imaginative), with the only  “work” per se is typing, editing and proof-reading.

I’m a pretty cerebral person.  Sometimes, I wish it wasn’t so, but I have learned to accept it.

I recall dating in my teens, and knowing that the party animal wasn’t my soulmate.  I need that “mental connection”. You know what I mean?

So, back to the topic – what brought writer’s block?  Usually, I’m too busy with other things that I don’t have time to think of what to write, or I’m kind of depressed, or just busy with other stuff.

How do I find my way out of it?  If I have a good topic and a reason to write, I have no problem being able to. I’m too old to give writer’s block much credence.  I know if I want to write, I will.  If I don’t, I won’t.  Kind of like when you were in school – if you have a topic that tickles your fancy, you have no problem coming up with something.  If it’s doesn’t thrill you, you figure it out due to the deadline.  If I’m busy with other things at the time, it will pass.  I just don’t sweat it.

Do you?

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