79 blogs

I am now following 79 blogs.  I know I can’t keep that up.  Just now, I changed them all to weekly or instantly (only a couple of those).

I’m looking for dazzling here, so I promise myself that sometime in the next month, I will whittle that down to a mere 25 or so.  Does that seem reasonable?  How many blogs do you follow?  Do you get instant posts, or daily, or weekly?

Mondays are wild with digests coming fast and furious for me.  It takes me a couple days to look through them all.

Do you have any blogs you would totally recommend to others? I do, should I? Maybe I’ll put that in another post.

I’ve been pretty busy with my blog today, and taking my daughter to the train station.  But, that’s about it.  It’s almost the end of July, and I haven’t watched much TV lately, and I can’t find Field of Dreams on TV, so I may have to break out my CD.  I need my heaven/Iowa fix!

So, have a good night, a great summer, or winter if you are in some other part of the world, and hope to see a recent post from you Monday or otherwise, to those readers who are not bloggers, enjoy the rest of your summer/winter.


5 thoughts on “79 blogs”

  1. I use the wordpress reader instead of getting them in my emails. I do get a couple with the email but just a couple. Since most bloggers don’t blog daily it is easy just to scroll through and read, like or comment….

    1. I find if I get the weekly digest, I am more likely to read, as I don’t find myself visiting the reader often enough. But, sometimes, the email reminds me to visit the reader. I don’t know, I think the answer for me is reduce the number I’m following. Don’t worry, your blog is on the keep list! Ha! Seriously, though, it is.

  2. Suzy, I had no idea how many blogs I followed, but now I see I have 78 subsribed for emails. Wow, tha texplains the inbox. I have no idea how many I visit in a day. I do follow a lot of people who do not follow me, but that’s fine, I’m there to read their blog, not to entice them to mine!

    You have 312 followers, I have 82, so I’ll notice if you go. 😀

    I think there comes a time when you have to be realistic. It is impossible to get around and read every word on every blog and I don’t think anyone expects you too. I certainly don’t. I’ve been a bit obsessed since I started, but I know I’m going to have to ease off, or I’ll never get my book finished. Blogging should be fun, not a chore. It’s why I love the ‘like’ button. I’m happy just to acknowledge I liked what I read and move on, and happy for people to do the same back. I do leave a comment, now and then, between likes.

    Blogging is a two way street, so that will make it easy when it come time to prune. Actually, I couldn’t remember if you followed me or not, so I looked. ❤ Thanks.

    1. Yes, I look closely at those following me and usually follow them. Don’t be concerned about my followers as I figured out it includes about 235 on my Facebook as they are linked, so it’s really more like 100 actual followers. I remember getting email #3 saying someone was following, went to WordPress and saw 235, and wondered “what?” So I then figured it counted my Facebook link though some if those read, certainly probably not more than 10% do~about. So don’t sweat it, sweetie!

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