76th Post

As it turns out, my three-quarter century (75th) post was about my Liebster Award,  I don’t know if that’s a great thing or not, but I suppose it is nice to know that as least one other person out there liked my blog enough to put me on his list of nominees.  Now, if that isn’t a milestone, I don’t know what is.

It may be slightly cheesy, but I think it is a nice thing, to let fellow bloggers know you do like their work by something more than the “Like” button, and also, maybe to let some of your readers know more of where your interests may lie, if they are interested in that sort of thing.

So, here is a link to my Liebster Award Post, and my answers below to the questions I posted to my nominees, cause I said I would, so they don’t feel that the task is too daunting.

  1. If you could change one thing throughout the world today, what would it be?  Explain why if you want to.
    I’d eliminate prejudice of race, skin color, sexual orientation, gender orientation, religion – basically, in a nutshell, I’m kind of veering towards secular humanism, but that also includes excluding racism of any kind.
  2. What do you think is the most powerful force in the world today?
    Beliefs, I honestly believe that the most powerful force is what we believe, what we think about, because I believe “Thoughts become Things”, and also, that your beliefs rule your life.  One of my favorite quotes, oh, wait, skipping to a question below, oh, well – “Believe you can and you are halfway there.” or as George McFly said to Marty in Back to the Future, “If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”
  3. If you were to write a novel or book, what would be the subject matter?
    I know, you all think, quilting, but I think maybe sex.  Oh, I don’t know, but I got you, didn’t I?  Seriously, I’d probably try for something along the lines of “The Notebook”, but it would probably end up to be more along the lines of “When Harry Met Sally.”
  4. Do you have anything quilted in  your home – a quilt, a throw, placemats, a guitar?  What’s its story?
    Yes, lots of quilts, too many stories. Oh, wait, you could read about some of them in previous posts.
  5. Do you have an interesting story about any of your ancestors?  Have you posted that story?
    Yes, and yes.
  6. Do you have any particular quote that you remember frequently to help you get by, be happy, deal with things?
    Yes, although I like “Believe you can and you are halfway there” stated above, one of my favorites, not “the” favorite, but one of many, but high up on the list is from Margaret Thatcher, “

  7. If you could invent one thing that you think would make the world a better place, what would it be?
    Renewable or perpetual energy machine.  It may have already been done and suppressed, so, here’s putting it out there to the universe that it becomes a world reality in this decade.
  8. Do you consider your fellow bloggers, those you follow and those that follow you, to be, you know, sort of “friends”?
    Yes, yes, I do. I hope they do, too.
  9. If you could change one thing about yourself with no negative side affects – your hair color, weight, marital status, height, name, etc – what would it be?
    So far, I admit, the questions have been easy, drawing from my own experiences, and wondering about others, I knew the questions to ask – maybe not atypical questions, but probably not that hard to think about.  This one, I don’t know, somehow, it throws me for a loop.   I’d like to say weight, but then again, people  think, you can lose weight easily enough if you apply yourself.  I’m hypothyroid, and even though on medication, that and age, being postmenopausal, the “ease” of losing weight eludes me.  However, though I’m tempted to pick that, I think I would pick having 20/20 vision – look ma, no glasses, no contacts, no reading glasses, no bifocals. Still, I think, weighing in at my high school weight of 120 or seeing 20/20, it’s a toss up!
  10. I don’t like favorite questions – but this kind of is one – what is your favorite beverage – be it alcoholic or none – what you might consider to be “your signature drink”?
    This is actually not as easy as I thought.   I was all over 7&7, but then I remembered Jimmy Buffet and “Margaritaville”.  I limit myself to margueritas (my own spelling) in the summer because, basically, I could waste away searchin for my lost shaker of salt always.  But, there’s no women to blame.   So, yes, it may be shaken or stirred, but I’m gonna have to pick Marguerita, for Texas, for Jimmy Buffet, for Jose Cuervo, for lime, for salt – oh, by the way, did I say I’m strictly an on the rocks person – keep those frozen drinks (unless they are daiquiris) to yourself.
  11. And, one more favorite – because I don’t have many preferred in the food department, but I do have a favorite fruit, what is your favorite fruit and do you know why?
    Peaches, yes, I know why.  Grandma’s peach pie, which I haven’t had in years.  But peaches have lots of beta carotene, and they just make me happy, and they are juicy, and fuzzy, and mmmm, mmmmm, good. Makes good milkshakes,  yogurt, pie, eating by itself – can other fruit say that?

And there you have my answers.  I probably need to sign off now, because a few moments ago, my stomach made the most ridiculous noise – George Carlin says it’s borborygmus, see his audio about it here.  It’s still doing it.  Probably shouldn’t have had that Fiber One bar this morning, beans for dinner, and prune juice tonight.  May have been too much.  Oh, my, should I be concerned?


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