Liebster Award – and Honorable Mentions


First of all, I’d like to thank Barryjack for nominating me (Part 5, out of order, I know).  It is an honor.  If you want to know more about this award, here are the “official rules” – but there are a couple different versions of them.

The rules Barry listed are slightly different, too.

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer.

3. Nominate 5-11 (or 12) of your favorite bloggers and link them in your post.

4. Go to their page and tell them.

5. Thank and link back the person’s blog who nominated you.

Part 1 – 11 things about me:

  1. I don’t like answering questions or lists like this.  It seems silly, doesn’t really define “who I am”, and I wonder if anyone really cares. (That was a bad start, wasn’t it? I promise not to be so crotchety the rest of the post)
  2. I’m a quilter – oh, wait, you probably already knew that.  Hey, it’s still a thing about me!
  3. I don’t have a college degree, sometimes wish I did and sometimes wish people would just wisen up and and realize a college degree doesn’t mean you can’t learn new things or do any job you set your mind to.  (Oh, sorry, that might have been bordering on surly.)
  4. Totally random and useless piece of information – I used to play the clarinet, a long time ago, wish I still could.
  5. Since I wrote my post (poem) about the Mourning Dove, I’ve been hearing them a lot more.  Weird, isn’t it?
  6. I’ve been wanting to write a book since I was about 26 years old, but I can’t remember what that first book would have been about, and yeah, I did start it on a IBM (do you know what that stands for?) Selectric typewriter, and no, I don’t know where those few pages are, if I still have them, which I doubt.
  7. Since starting my blog, I wonder if I should revisit the possibility of writing my first novel, or maybe a novella, or maybe just a short story, or maybe not.
  8. My inner critic is probably harsher on me than any of my readers could be, so far.
  9. Totally random – I love the words synergy, paradigm shift, curmudgeon, serendipity, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  (Wow, I just spelled that without looking it up, but looked it up to be sure), vexing, kvetch (no, I’m not Jewish), mindfulness – but I never use these words in every day language or even my writing.
  10. If I could learn other languages easily, I’d want to learn French, even though it is 18th on the top 100 languages of the World list, below Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, and Korean.
  11. Much like ironing, I hate housework and cleaning, but I love the results.

Whew, that was brutal. Was that random enough?

Part 2 – Barry’s questions are:

1.  Why do you blog?

Simply put, to write. See if I’m any good.  See if I can add something positive to the world.

2.  What is your favorite subject to talk about?

I thought quilting tips and quilting stories at first, and while that’s my main theme, I enjoy just writing random stories, a couple poems, and mostly talking about old times, family, life experiences, and did I say random musings, and meanderings.

3.  What is one thing that you haven’t done that you would like to do?

I think I have covered this question in my list, writing a book, novel, or novella. Do I still want to? Thinking about it again after all these years.

4.  If you had a year off and money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?

This is a great question and so easy in no particular order – Travel to the Grand Canyon, Georgia to see my son, Texas just because it’s Texas; write a book; make quite a few quilts; visit my Grandson and soon to be Granddaughter monthly; thoroughly clean my house, get new carpeting, paint a few rooms, really make a nice quilting/sewing room (nothing fancy, just somewhat organized); and I’m sure there’s more I can’t think of right now.

5.  What is one talent that you have?

Just one?  But I have so many I can’t even just choose one to put here.

6.  In the company of others, are you a speaker or a listener?

I can be either, depends on my mood, the mood of others, the subject matters, how many drinks I have had, etc.

7.  What is your favorite song/piece of music?  Why?

Oh wait, I covered this topic  – what was the name of that post?   Can’t remember, but basically, I don’t like picking “favorites”.  There are so many songs and music to choose from. I guess, you’d have to say, I have eclectic tastes in just about everything.  I don’t like to be pigeonholed.  I like classical, blues, rock, soft rock, some country, jazz, and so much more.  But if I had to pick, it would be my son’s original version of “The Kids” which I do not have the original version recorded audio or video and now he won’t reproduce, until his 7th album, last song, because it was the first on his first, and he had in mind to do 7 already, which since he hasn’t even done his second, he needs more encouragement or something.   So, buy the $7 digital version of Solar Chariot, you won’t be sorry.  Even my daughter’s friends like it.

8.  What book are you currently reading?

Buddhism for Dummies.

9.  Any pets?

Daughter is allergic, but I have grand-pets, my son’s dogs and my daughter’s cats. I used to be a cat person, but I may be making a paradigm shift (there, I used it).

10.  What is one food that reminds you of childhood?

Covered this in Childhood food (fond) memories.

11.  What was your favorite subject in school?

I was in a small town high school.  So, our classes had different names at times.  I liked English, Literary Criticism, Advanced Grammar, Social Problems, just the part of U.S. history relating to our hometown, Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Math, oh, and Speech. Oh, wait, did I say it’s been 35  years since I graduated and that I don’t pick favorites, and even if I did then, I can’t remember that far back?


Part 3- My Nominees:

I’d also like to say, this post is taking a lot of time.  Since I started my blog in March and doing Writing 101 and a lot of the Daily Prompts in June, I started following a few other bloggers to see how they do it, find some interesting reading, see how others laid out their site, and just messing around, basically.  77, that’s how many I am following right now.  I promised myself I would sit down one day and weedle it down to a mere 20 or so, but that day hasn’t happened yet.

So, I’m going through my Reader list in search of 11 (or 12), cause let’s face it, I have to do that many, I can’t pick a measly 5 out 77, that would be really ridiculously hard.

And the envelope please…

Ronovan Writes


Christine R.

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Written on Pavement

Sewing for Life

Chris Black

A Slice of Life

Catbird Quilt Studio

A Girl with a Lot of Gut

Of Means and Ends


I tested all the links and they work, yay me!

Honorable mention (Blogs I would have nominated but I already had 11 or they don’t do awards)

The Jittery Goat

Dual Spectrum Dad

Love Happy Notes


Alzheimer’s Wife

And, there you have it.  Thank you.  Enjoy one and all.  If you have a moment to visit these blogs mentioned,  you may find them of interest for yourself.  I would tell you about each of them, but then I may be revealing to much about myself… and, I think I have done enough of that already today!  Wow, this took a long time, but I think it was worth it.

What do you think?

Oh, darn, I just realized I wasn’t done.  I didn’t come up with 11 questions for my nominees!  So, here they are.  I promise not to make them too difficult . . . or do I?  Muwahahahaha

  1. If you could change one thing throughout the world today, what would it be?  Explain why if you want to.
  2. What do you think is the most powerful force in the world today?
  3. If you were to write a novel or book, what would be the subject matter?
  4. Do you have anything quilted in  your home – a quilt, a throw, placemats, a guitar?  What’s its story?
  5. Do you have an interesting story about any of your ancestors?  Have you posted that story?
  6. Do you have any particular quote that you remember frequently to help you get by, be happy, deal with things?
  7. If you could invent one thing that you think would make the world a better place, what would it be?
  8. Do you consider your fellow bloggers, those you follow and those that follow you, to be, you know, sort of “friends”?
  9. If you could change one thing about yourself with no negative side affects – your hair color, weight, marital status, height, name, etc – what would it be?
  10. I don’t like favorite questions – but this kind of is one – what is your favorite beverage – be it alcoholic or none – what you might consider to be “your signature drink”?
  11. And, one more favorite – because I don’t have many preferred in the food department, but I do have a favorite fruit, what is your favorite fruit and do you know why?

Okay, now I’m done.  And for my fellow nominees, I will post in a different post, FYI, my answers to my own questions.  Just cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read this whole 1500 + word count post.  If you have gotten this far, please leave a short comment even if only to say “I did it, I read it all!”

23 thoughts on “Liebster Award – and Honorable Mentions”

      1. It’s the ‘chain’ aspect I find objectionable, Suzy, as well as not wanting to choose among my new blogging friends. I don’t mind people nominating me, but I’ll only do the associated writing task, for fun. You certainly did put in a lot of work. ❤

      2. Maybe ‘objectionable’ was too strong a word! I was sorely tempted when I received my first nomination. I felt so mean for not going along with it. But I’m saving scores of people from feeling the same. 😀

  1. Hi Suzi I read it all too 🙂 thankyou very much for this award, it’s very kind of you 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your award – you deserve it. And you did a fine job on your post! I’d also like to thank you for nominating me. As a matter of fact, I just received this award last week, but it was so kind and thoughtful of you to think of me, and I am honored. Oh, and by the way – I’m an avid quilter myself, so we have the love of quilting in common! I hope you have an amazing day!

  3. Thank you so much! Love your answers, and great questions, too. I don’t really “do” awards but have been honored to be nominated for a couple. I do appreciate it so much that people are willing to take the time to read my posts, and sometimes comment.

    Congratulations on your Liebster!

    1. Melanie,
      Thanks for stopping by and I realize some nominees may not “do awards”, but I wanted to show my appreciation. I think I know why, after all the work this post took, some people don’t, and I may find myself in that zone all too soon!

  4. Hi Suzy, I’m flattered you thought of me in your nominations, as you may have noticed I am operating in an awards free zone even though it’s not stated anywhere – the fact that people are kind enough to read, like, follow and comment is award enough.
    Thanks again

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