Should I apply?

My high-school friend, that still lives in my small hometown, has recently taken up quilting, too.  We just talked again the other night, mostly about quilting.

Today, she posts a link to me on Facebook to a job opportunity at the Missouri Star Quilting Company. 

Now, I’ve view many of Jenny Doan’s YouTube videos, even bought one of her books a couple weeks ago.  And, being this is a job for Community Manager dealing with social media, blogging, tutorials, I may not be the best qualified, but I definitely feel this would be a potential dream job.

Should I? I would have to move to Hamilton, Missouri, and my daughter would not like that as she enters her senior year in high school, but… I think they have Blue Bell ice cream there!?  It’s not the south, either, but, hmm…. I’m totally tempted!

What should I do?

10 thoughts on “Should I apply?”

    1. I will this weekend. It just blindsided me last night. I needed time for it to digest. But, I can only try, then see where it leads. It may be just one path to another path.

      1. Yes, think I see, good on you, good for you to do that or going for something, or “having a go”, not as in having a go at someone like attacking them. I think I get it, now.

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