Diaper Changing Pads


So, yesterday, or was it Friday night, after viewing my daughter’s photo stream clearly showing that the baby, my first granddaughter, had dropped, I decided it was time to make some diaper changing pads.  I did a FaceTime with her yesterday, and saw my very verbal grandson also.  She told me she had gotten the changing pads I made 2 years ago out of storage, in expectation of the new arrival, sometime in the next two weeks.

Mr. Man has completely outgrown the changing table attached to the crib. So, this time, I decided to make some whole cloth diaper changing pads with more of a pink, girly theme, although I am becoming more and more uni-sex thinking.  I went through my “stash” and found an old pink and white striped sheet, a couple pieces of floral material, a pink gingham floral, and a couple pieces I had bought for random reasons.  I cut them to sizes approximately 15 1/2″ x 24, some more like 18″ x 26, some less or more.

Yesterday, I matched up backs and fronts.  I had to cut from my new batting roll that I bought for a friend, but she wasn’t  using, my second now.  After matching up backs and fronts and placing batting accordingly, I started free-motion quilting different designs.  First a straight stipple, then one with stars, one with hearts, one with spirals, a Super-Daisy, and one with a grid pattern with the walking foot.

All the binding is from previous projects, totally scrappy, some just meshed well with each pattern or design.

I told my daughter I was sending them all and she could pick and choose which she wanted to keep and use.  Then, maybe, I’ll have some to add to my “stash” of things “laying around“.

Q-Tip #?  You can make extra things to have “laying around” or “sitting around” in case someone wants to pay you money to buy these things.


3 thoughts on “Diaper Changing Pads”

  1. That supper-daisy is a pretty impressive design, Suzy, I like the waves it creates outwards. Do I see the odd star and heart on that pretty pale pink / white striped one?

  2. I like to mix up my meanders/stippling by adding in other things like loops, flowers, starts, hearts, whatever I can, letters even or words, a butterfly. Sometimes it’s an all over meander with whatever ever few turns, and sometimes i do mainly meanders, but very seldom add something like a heart or butterfly. I call them Easter Eggs, cause they are hidden.

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