Comfort me, oh smell of smells

Nosey Delights

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?

I’ve already discussed summer smells, which happen to be favorites, of course, here Summer Smellskies.

I have also discussed my Grandmother’s Coffee Cake here and here.

You know of all of our senses, the sense of smell is most closely linked to memories?  To add to the above, if I must, and I may have mentioned this already somewhere, I like the smell of:

  • Starch, spray starch that you use to iron clothes, or in my case, cotton fabric for quilts.  It has one other special memory for me, but I can’t talk about that right now.
  • Rose scented fragrance – I used to love people that had a signature fragrance.  Even though this one lady I worked with wore “Red Door”, which I hated, I liked the idea she had a fragrance she loved to wear on special occasion and liked above all others.  I tried Poison,  Channel #5, and a few others, and ended up with Victoria’s Rose from Victoria’s Secret.  One day in the mid 90’s, I went there to find it on sale and was told, they were discontinuing.  I bought three bottles, and cherished each spray.  A few years later, Avon, of all people, came out with a rose scent, similar, but not the same, but close enough, but it didn’t stick around longer than a year or two.   I still have 1/2″ of that in the small bottle, but my boss is allergic to it or something, as he told me not to wear it at work.  I wear it when he’s not there, though!  And if someone can elucidate me regarding a nice, long term rose scented fragrance, I’m all ears.  And, no, for whatever reason, Bath and Bodyworks, if they have had a rose scent, it wasn’t even close and it didn’t stick around.  But, for the record, who wouldn’t want to “smell like a rose” all the time!?!
  • Cigar smoke – My Grandpa smoked cigars, and once, after he died, my mom had a cigar burning in the kitchen.  She wasn’t really smoking it, though I saw her do so at my brother’s wedding.  She was trying to hang on to Grandpa in a way.  When I smell cigar smoke, I think of my Grandpa, every time!
  • Sheets and blankets hung out on the line – I don’t get to smell this anymore, but my mom used to hang clothes outside, and it was especially nice when bedclothes were washed and dried on the line.  It was even better if you had just taken a bath or shower.  You just felt, well, for lack of better term, “fresh”.
  • Newborn babies – they have their own distinct smell, and I get to experience this within a month! Woo Hoo!
  • Baby Magic lotion – associated with babies, of course, who are cuddly wonderful beings – but I remember my mom had this for my baby brother, my Aunt had this for my cousins, I had this for my babies – after bathtime, so special.  They probably have an unscented version  now, what’s the point of that?
  • April fresh Downy – don’t need to say more.

This could go on and I on, but I’m behind, so this will just have to do.  One other thing, cause there are so many others, and we don’t want this post to be 1500 words – Black Currant Vanilla from Bath and Body Works.  I have the lotion, use it at night after washing my hands, it’s in the “sensual” category, and yes, it is.

Okay, wait, I just thought of one more, and I gotta say this, Vicks Vapor Rub.  Not only can it help unstuff that stuffy nose or release a little of that chest congestion, but it has a calming influence on me.   Not that I like to have stuffy noses, colds, or chest congestion, but sometimes, I smell it just cause. Oh, and Bengay, but don’t use too much, it can kill you. Really, I’m not making that up.   Hey, but smelling it is pretty harmless!

So what scents comfort you?



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