Time – why do you punish me?

Now? Later!

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?

If you have read any of my previous posts, especially the first few, you would know that my mom was the queen of procrastination.
When she died, she had many quilt tops not quilted, probably enough fabric to make 50 quilts or more (new fabric, vintage fabric, a yard of this, five yards of that, old clothes for scrap quilts, old sheets for backing, etc.), many a lonely random single block with no mates, quite a few blocks with quite few mates, and various other blocks quilted all by themselves.

Well, actually, when I think about it, was it procrastination, or the desire to try new things?  Or having so many ideas going at once, she couldn’t keep going on one particular thing?   I recently read a top 10 list about things you should know about your brain or how your brain works. (read it, seriously, they should teach this stuff in high school!)  One of the things mentioned  – time – the passing of time.  That when you were engaged in something new, something you had never done before, something different, your mind perceived it as taking longer, thereby slowing the clock to a degree.  Remember the saying about how life is like a roll of toilet paper?  The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes?  I wonder if that has to do with how, as we age, we tend to try new things less often.  We figure we already know so much, or we are tired, or we hurt, or we just have certain things that have always been of interest, or that we have acquired a certain expertise, so we focus on those things – or any myriad of other reasons not to do something different.

When I read that, I thought, dang!  I want to do different things and try different things all the time now!  Because, yes, I have been experiencing that toilet paper effect.  I mean, it’s already mid July!  The summer is half over, the year is half over, and doesn’t Christmas seem to come faster and faster every year?  I know that for the past few years, I have thought, “Today it’s Christmas, and before I know it, it will be Christmas again.” and that’s how it seems to have happened.

So, procrastination – now, I see it as a way to make the time seem longer than it actually is.  Or, maybe just my own coping mechanism that may actually seem to make time appear as if it is happening at a slower pace. 🙂

So, I don’t worry about procrastination anymore.  Do I procrastinate?  Yes, you betcha.  Paying bills –  doing laundry – washing dishes – doing house cleaning (all things I have done numerous times before, thereby making time go “fast”).  But, now that I know trying new foods, activities, hobbies, music, anything – can make the time seem “slower”, I’m all for it. Right?

I just wish I had been able to share this information for my mom way before 6 1/2 years ago when she died.  Then, maybe, just maybe, and I don’t know if she did felt this, she wouldn’t feel guilty about buying more new fabric she didn’t really need, starting a new project (Work-in-Progress [WIP]) although she already had 20 or more, or doing something else she had never done before, though, she had many things she could have finished – because somehow, perhaps, she knew, she could cheat time and slow the clock down by doing something different.

So, procrastinate all you want, but do it taking a nap, being more tired, or trying something different. Yes, and time won’t punish you so much.  Sorry Hootie!


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