Mourning Dove

On the farm
Each morning new
I’d go outside and hear
The Mourning Dove coo

To this day
I search for the sound
To bring back my youth
When the earth had no bounds

Life seemed so simple then
Isn’t it always the way
You look back on your youth
As those carefree days

Life has a way
Of teaching you things
Not always good
Does each day bring

You sweat and you toil
You love and you hate
You fear and you brave
Isn’t life great?

People come, people go
You move here, you move there
Time flies by, oh so fast
One day you wake up with gray hair

Oh, Mourning Dove
Why do you coo?
Do you know something I don’t
Oh, please tell me, please do

Is it that life goes too fast
Enjoy each moment in your range
Or, perhaps cause you know
The only thing constant is change

Oh, Mourning Dove, Mourning Dove
Will you sing for me please?
And give my weary soul
Just one moment of ease.

Take me back to my youth
Full of fun, love, and grace
Take me back, take me back
To that wonderful place

When my grandparents where here
And my mother, too, as a present
So I can love them like there’s no tomorrow
Cause when you get right down to it, there isn’t.


This poem was inspired by the daily prompt, my own life, and the movie Vision Quest.

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