Silly Grandma

Daily Prompt

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

Ha!I just decided in the shower to tell the story of what happened yesterday about a video, and lo and behold, it almost matches up with the daily prompt! Sometimes, I wonder if I am a psychic WordPress blogger.   Just so you know, no, I did not have a lunch break today at work, the time I usually check the Daily Prompt topic to see what I can come up with on the way home.  I usually do my writings in the late evening and early morning hours.  And, I haven’t had time tonight either, until now, after my shower.

So, the other day, my daughter posted on her Facebook a video of my grandson dancing to “Burning Down the House”.  It was so cute.  He so reminds me of that phrase, “Dance like no one is watching!”

The video was only about a minute and a half, but it made me miss him.

So, yesterday, I’m on the deck, trying to type a blog post, but I had to make train reservations for my daughter to go help her sister with my grandson while she has the baby, and the trains were sold out, so I was texting my daughter in Chicago, and yada yada yada, eventually, we figured it out.

Then, I told her the video was so cute, and then, she send me a picture of her and grandson hanging there tongues out saying “Hi”, so I sent one back.

And, then I thought, why not go for broke?  I took a picture of me waving, and then I don’t know what possessed me! The nice, mild weather for Illinois in July (since the last two years have been ridiculously hot and dry), having a pretty good day at work, feeling kind of happy because I ate peaches the day before – I don’t know!  I just thought, “I’ll make a video for my grandson of me dancing to ‘Burning Down the House'”  Well, Pandora was not forgiving, and I don’t have that in iTunes, so I ended up with “Follow You Down” – and made a video of me dancing, at first holding the phone, and then set it down on the steps, and did some kicks, and twirled around a lot, and then got a close up of me saying, “Hi, Andy, I miss you.”

And my daughter showed it to him today, and then she video taped him watching my video and when I said “Hi, Andy”, he said “Hi, Grandma!”   He just watched it again and again (I think she said 5 times) and he said I was “silly Grandma”.

Now, that is a term that my kids used for my Mom, and I was never sure it was derogatory or not, but I didn’t want to be known as Silly Grandma.

But, after watching my almost 2 yr old grandson dancing just because he felt like it, I realized – why not?  Why not be the silly person he was being.  Kids are so free and then we grow up and become stifled.  And, that’s why I made the video, to break free of the mature adult mode and have a little fun.

Sometimes, I feel like my life has just become too serious, and I need to have more fun.   Lord knows that isn’t going to happen at work because it’s a boring office environment with little cutting up.

So, if shooting a video of me dancing for my grandson makes me Silly Grandma, now, I’m okay with that.


BTW, I started this last night and forgot to post it.


3 thoughts on “Silly Grandma”

  1. I love this story Sue. It’s a precious thing for the family to have, you know. One they will come to treasure. Maybe you will get to see it at every family gathering to come? Brace yourself. I’m in a wedding video, dancing with wild abandon, which always gets commented on. I’m never going to watch it again if I can help it. Silly mother-in-law! 😀

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