A Fanfare update

So, I got my Grandmother’s grandmother’s fan quilt, what I thought almost sewn together, and then ran into problems.

The border fabric I had picked up a couple years ago just didn’t work.  I put on one border, laid it out on my bed and failed to take my own advise about not over-thinking.  Well, it just didn’t look right!  So, I tore that edge off, went back to my graph sketch pad, and tried to figure out something else.

I came up with a plan to add one more row all the way around, which will amount to two rows lengthwise and two crosswise.  But, it still wasn’t quite big enough to be called a queen size quilt, which I think is probably a most popular bed size these days, so I had to do some more calculations.

I finally came up with the idea to put a white border around the edge, but scallop it.  Still, I didn’t like the idea of so much white in the blocks and all white around the edge, so I went looking for some fabric that would even come close to the pink, even for a small border, sort of a frame for the quilt.

About a week ago, I went back to the Main Street Mini Mall and found a fabric that I think will look nice for a small border, to frame the quilt.

Now, I just need to get busy finishing the rest of those fan blocks that I still need to embroider the top edges of the fan on, so I can get this quilt on the quilting machine.

Normally, I wouldn’t take this much time, care or concern with layout, design, fabric choices, but in this case, I can’t see doing it any other way.

I have some Dresden plates my mom did, pointy and rounded, and a few other pieces that I know I will probably fret over more than I usually do.  But, maybe one day, I’ll actually fret over something I started from scratch!

Do you have a project that you just had to do “just right” or a certain way because it was so special you didn’t want to mess it up?


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