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I hesitate to post this, because I started it 6 days ago, and somehow it got lost in my draft folder or I forgot it was there.  I cut out the part about where and how I write, because it doesn’t really matter.  And, this being my 50th post, a landmark, shouldn’t it be special?

What I thought about when I saw the title as I found this post today, – was “Space to write” as in not where do I write, what does my writing space look like – but space to write being about, do I have time (space) to fit writing a blog into my schedule.

Now my teenage, senior year, daughter is gone a lot this summer, and during the school year the amount of help I have to give her or activities at the school have greatly diminished over the years.  Let’s face it, you are raising a kid to be an independent adult, not depend on you for everything forever.  So, by senior year, they should be pretty autonomous.

My job is part-time, 24-32 hours a week, but really, I should probably look for a full time job.  The catch-22 in that is can I find a job that pays as much per hour as I make now, and if not, will I be working 40 hours a week for basically the same amount of pay I am making now – what’s the point?  So I can have “paid holidays” and “paid vacations”.  I get a vacation stipend, so, it’s not like I don’t get a “paid vacation”.

Anyway, because of my daughter’s age, my work schedule, not being big on any other hobbies much besides quilting, all of my family is spread out so we don’t get together much, and not being into TV all that much, I have quite a bit of “free” time.  Now, my biggest hobby is quilting, but sometimes, I get tired of it, and do a bit less than I otherwise would, or just take a week or two off.  Then, I like to do other things, reading is one of them.  I have also had time when quilting is all I do in my spare time at home, besides cooking and showering and sleeping.

So, do I have space for writing?  My original goal was one blog post a week.  With the recent Writing 101 assignments and following a few Daily Prompts, I have done better than one post a week, though not for the first couple months.  Technically, I have almost a year’s worth of posts up, then.

But, the problem with one post a week is that it’s not an engrained habit and can easily be set aside or forgotten, unless I was working on it daily, which I usually don’t.  I found I was either quilting or blogging.

That’s why I did the Writing 101, to build a blogging habit.  As I was doing all of those assignments, I kept saying to myself, but my theme is about quilting, and I haven’t done that much of it lately because I’ve been writing.

See the problem here.  Do I have time for two passionate hobbies? Well, I’m just going to have to figure that out.  Stay tuned to see what happens.


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