Quilts sitting around

Maybe people think ALL I do is quilt in my spare time.  Yes, I do quilt quite a bit, but it isn’t all I do.

Twice in the past month or so, people have asked me if I have any finished quilts “sitting around” that they could buy.

Well, I’ve only been quilting for a little over two years now, so I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I am just making quilts to be making them with no specific use in mind.   I usually have a purpose for each quilt I have done.  Whether is was my quilt, my daughter’s, my dad’s quilt, a baby quilt for my grandson or soon to be here granddaughter, wedding gifts, quilts for my sons,  quilting for my aunt on a quilt that my mom did, quilting for my sister on a quilt that mom or grandma did, finishing some of my mom’s quilts, finishing my grandma’s fan quilt, Quilts for Kids – well, as you can see, I have been pretty busy.

A couple weeks ago, I finally tackled some scrap fabric in a bag that I had gotten from Freecycle.  It was kid prints, and I thought I would use it to make a couple Quilts for Kids.  I cut it up into 3 1/2″ squares and started putting them together, print and white blocks.  I found out I had enough for 2 quilts.

Thursday or Friday, I got one of them done, and I swear, I hadn’t even trimmed off threads and washed it, and my sister sends me a text asking if I have a baby quilt for a boy “laying around”.  Well, I sent her pictures of the one I had just finished.  She said she would think about it and I told her if she wants a baby quilt for next friday and I have to go buy stuff to make it, I needed to know asap. Ya think?

She thought about it and decided she wanted it.

But, it made me wonder – should I just start piling up quilts and hope people start asking if I just have one “laying around”, and sell them?  I could sure use the money.

Well, if I’m going to do that, I better get all those things done my mom and grandma started, and get busy.

What do you think?  Do you have quilts “laying around”?

Oh, yeah, here it is, btw.



and a close-up


and another


and the back



What do you think?  Do you have quilts “laying around”?

11 thoughts on “Quilts sitting around”

  1. It turned out great! As to quilts lying around, I never had those until the past year. Pretty much everything I made was given away. In fact, I very purposely decided to make a quilt for ME, completely to suit me, emotionally for ME, only last year after almost 10 years of quilting. I needed it. And since then I’ve piled up a whole bunch of others, but ultimately most of them will go away, too.

  2. Melanie, I totally get making quilts to be given to others, but I just don’t have a pile of them “sitting around”. It’s a kind of on demand thing. I have done a couple that I didn’t know what I would do with, but then, I gave one to my oldest son because I hadn’t given him one yet, and another I gave as a wedding gift, because it just happened about the same time I was completing the quilt. I did make three baby quilts and gave my daughter the choice as to which one she wanted for granddaughter #1, and I still have one – but my mom started it, so it has to go to someone in the family. I have one she started hand-quilting and someone else finished for me, that I have to bind, but it also will have to go to family. The other baby quilt, someone said “hey, do you have one laying around.” and I actually did that time.

  3. I’ve got lots of unfinished projects laying around! I love the bright kiddy colours in your quilt here. Do you use a specific pattern when you do that twirly machine sewing or sort of random?

  4. Thanks for that Sue. The link took me to a dead end, but that’s okay. Armed with the new knowlege of ‘free motion’ I was able to find lots of fascinating examples. It seems one is only limited by ones imagination. I’m already thinkling if I get material with a patches pattern on it already, the free motion sewing will make it look like a long labour of love piecing it together! How did you go matching up the pink for your grandmother’s fan?

    1. Some people are afraid if free motion, but check out Leah Day, she has great tutorials.
      You are talking about cheater cloth fabric, and I did a couple of those. Hard to find, though I found some on eBay. I did find a fabric for the fan quilt that I’m going to use for a framing border and then do a white scalloped edge, my first, so that should be interesting.

      1. Oh yes, big time cheater fabric. I think I saw some suitable material at our big craft and homewares store, Spotlight, last time I was there. 😀 😀 😀 Good luck with the scalloped edge.

      2. Btw, I applaud you for trying out free motion. Really, try some sampler sandwiches first, and there is a learning curve, but you’ll pick it up quick if you are determined like I was. It’s not as hard as some make it out to be.

  5. Never done one before, so it should be interesting. I’m finding even as I’m just finishing old started quilts, I’m using new techniques almost every time!

  6. It will be awkward stitching the layers together, that will be an art in itself – the preparation. It’s good you are finishing up the started quilts and it is helping you learn more all the time.

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