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Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low-key birthday girl?

I was going to write this amazing post, but then I remembered I hadn’t used the larger sparklers I bought to celebrate the Fourth.  My 17 year old daughter had been gone all day, came home shortly before midnight, well, and one time at 6 to pick up the really huge sparklers.

She had been swimming, so took a shower, and then FaceTime one of her friends, who proceeded, at 2 in the morning to ask if she could come over and spend the night.

So, I said, hey, let’s do these sparklers first, which have paper that is supposed to light and ignite the sparkler, but this time, it didn’t and one of them burned me. so I am typing with a bum thumb.  It’s fine if I remember that I can only use my right thumb for the space bar, which actually is easier that I thought, maybe I use it all the time and don’t even notice.  I may be dripping on the keyboard, however.

I’m a big fan of aloe for burns and have this amazing aloe plant that we all use from time to time.  But, I know, when it comes to a burn like this, the only thing to do is let the aloe stay right on the burn for like a couple hours.  Then, no pain, no blistering, but how to do that without sitting there for two hours or more holding it right on there.  So I devised a plastic bag with a piece of the aloe, taped it one with medical type paper tape.   So, it’s kind of awkward.

Here’s my thumb right now.


Now, I know this works wonders, really it does.  When I was a teenager, I was playing around with an old matchbook that suddenly all the matches lit at once and burnt both of my thumbs.  The only thing that saved me was that my mom had an aloe plant.  But, I had to hold these cut pieces on my thumbs like all night long.

The minute I took it off, pain.  I can’t remember if my thumbs blistered then, but I do know that I have had burns that didn’t blister because I used the aloe for a couple hours.  Pretty amazing stuff, makes me wonder if I drenched my face in it nightly if I’d have less wrinkles…?

Oh, darn, the subject of this post was supposed to be how you celebrate your birthday!  I’m kind of a low key person.  Well, I’ve had um, issues with birthday celebrations due to my step kids being Jehovah’s Witnesses, so, I regret to say, those experiences did kind of burn me in a negative way.

But, that’s not the real reason I’d rather keep it low key.  I find as I get older, I really don’t want to be reminded how old I am.  Maybe that’s it.

About three years ago, I threatened to throw a big 50th surprise party for my husband.  But, he reminded me that mine would be 6 months later.  So, I didn’t.

Also, he has the dubious honor of having his birthday on the same day that my mother passed away, oh, and also my cousin, Jeff who was in my graduating class.  Mom was always one for numbers and dates, so somehow, I secretly wonder if she picked this specific date for the reason of us always remembering when it was.  Plus, she was buried on Valentine’s Day, my Uncle, Jeff’s dad’s birthday, and a major romantic holiday, so, yeah,  although I know it wasn’t planned, it seemed so.  And, to add to that, she died on what we figured, if going by her birth date of the 4th, 71 years, one month (to the 4th), and 7 days – so that would be 71-1-7.  That her life could be measured in year, month and days was a palindrome.

Not to mention the fact that my Grandmother,  her mother, died on the day she was buried.  It all seemed rather, surreal.  Seriously, in the same year!

Anyway, I didn’t get the posted, must have been the pain in my thumb.  But, here is my thumb today.


It blistered a tiny bit, but never popped, and it didn’t even hurt the next day!  Aloe is amazing for burns, seriously!

This post is so random and rambling, I think I’ll just post without proofing.  Maybe I’ll get my thoughts collected for the next post.  It will be my 50th, a hallmark.



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