Back of the Queue

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.

Back of my queue – hmm, maybe a bullet list?

  • I’ve thought about writing a book since I was 25ish.  Maybe it’s time.
  • Go back to college to get a degree.  Yes, I am one of those who should have one, because I’m intelligent and smart enough, but got married and had my kids young, so yeah, that never happened.  I’m not college educated, as a old friend, Randy Ellis from Carrollton, Texas told me once (yeah, I’d like to find him, he was a good friend and we had our own personal book club meetings going over the phone many a midnights).  What was it he said?  “There is a difference between those who have a degree and those who don’t.”  I then had to tell him I didn’t, and I think he said something to the effect of, “Well, you should have or could have.”  Whatever, there was a point there, I don’t know what it is now.
  • Become some kind of an activist.  With the recent Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision on Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, I feel that maybe I missed my calling.  I once read in Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, yes, it’s about astrological signs, that Virgos can take to the soap box like Carrie Nation.  The only reason I haven’t done this is because I have this sort of Spock mindedness about logic.  So, I can usually, but not always, see both sides.  Still, I feel there are some causes that deserve to be, and need to be, forwarded, because it’s the right humanistic thing to do.
  • Be a manger to my son’s national band – okay, I picture the day when he is nationally know, making enough money to pay me back what he owes, me, and even though he doesn’t believe it can happen, I can picture it, and I do.  He really has talent, but I don’t know if he believe he does, Nate Cozadd, Solar Chariot, Google it,  his first CD.  I sometimes hear his music and think of John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, John Legend, John Mayer.  Does he realize it’s only a matter of Time, per Hootie and the Blowfish?
  • Once upon a time, I wondered if I could make as much of a difference in the world as Jesus did.  Is it possible, and how would I go about doing so? I want to make the world a better place for all.  Is that too much to ask? Hey, Hey, what can I do?

Back of the Queue – Daily Prompt



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