Ice Cream Flavor – really? #32

Daily Prompt

Oh my goodness, you really want me to create an ice cream flavor based on “me”?

Well first of all, it needs to be made by Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the country.

And, then, it could be a combination of their coffee, milk chocolate, homemade vanilla, (which actually sounds pretty good) and/or maybe they’d make strawberry sherbet (why doesn’t anyone make this anymore? It’s frickin amazing!), strawberry sherbet with a ribbon of  Seagram’s 7 &7 flavor or perhaps a lime marguerita.

Very essense of my personality – hmm… simple, sweet, sassy.





6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Flavor – really? #32”

  1. The smell of rain, love it, if I may say so bold – you stitch words together so well that I am now off to hit the follow button and be further educated in the art of quilting et cetera.

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