Things I Treasure

Writing 101 – Day 20

For our final assignment, tell the tale of your most-prized possession. If you’re up for a twist, go long — experiment with longform and push yourself to write more than usual.

Well, once again, I seem to be ahead of the game.  I have already written about my Brother PQ1500 sewing machine that I use to piece and quilt on.  I’m not saying it’s my “most-prized possession”, but if you read this post, you might think so.

Then, I have also written about my Grandmother’s sewing machine, which is certainly a possession that I cherish, but again, I don’t know if is my “most-prized”.  You can read about it here, and I’ll include a picture this time.


I’ve also written about my first quilt, or should I say my second, third, or fourth?  I lost count as my memory got better.  You can read about this saga in several posts, My First Quilt, My First Quilt – Part 2, My First Quilt – The Final Saga.  

Somehow parts 1 and 2 got mixed up, probably my lack of savvy blogging skills, and now as I reread them, I’m not sure which one I posted first, either!  Then, I remembered my real first quilt here.

Now, the challenge was to make this long.  Oh, my goodness, have you read those first three posts? I don’t think I have have a problem going longform!  Beat my record by 300, oh spare my readers, puleezzz!   I’m sure you all agree with me. I mean, seriously, if I write another 1800 words and anyone actually wants to read all that, just let me know, I’ll work on it next time.  This time, though I’ll try to keep it shorter.

So, let’s see, the Writing 101 also stated this assignment isn’t due until Monday, June 30, so you can think about it, and I was like, no, I don’t think I need to “think about” writing something long and drawn out about my “most-prized” possession.  If you haven’t read my most recent post that was totally random about movies I like – not a top 10 list! – you’ll know how I feel about absolutes like “most favorite”, “most-prized”, “top 10”, etc.

So, with that in mind, as I  have stated, I have talked about my sewing machine, my Grandma’s sewing machine, my butterfly hanky quilt, my Grandma’s Grandmother’s Fan quilt and the one I’m finishing I think was her work, all of which are definitely cherished items, but “most-prized”, I not 100% certain about that.

I could post gratuitous pictures of my kids and grandson, but they aren’t really possessions, are they?

So, I’m 1500 words or more away from making this my longest post ever, how can I fill the void? You know what, I’m not going to.  I’ll just tell you a few more of my “most-prized” possessions, and maybe a couple pictures, how is that?

Now, if you have followed my blog from the start,  you know the story of how my Mom and her mom, my maternal Grandmother both died in the same week in February 2008.  Grandma’s death wasn’t completely unexpected as she was 100 years old, but to find out after Mom died that the nursing home had been calling her, about the time she passed, about how Grandma wasn’t doing so good – well, it all seems a little inconceivable! That Mom died on a Monday, and Tuesday, we all went to see Grandma.  I can tell you that I have never in my life seen someone who was really already gone, but that day I did.  She never said a word and just seemed to be staring out the window.

Then, my Aunt stated before Mom’s wake on Wednesday evening that she had been to see her and she didn’t look good.  We out-of-towners stayed in a local hotel so we could be close by for the family visitation at the funeral home, trip to the church, and then the burial. As I went to get coffee that morning, on Thursday, my brother came to my door to tell me he had just heard from my Aunt, and Grandma had passed shortly after midnight, on Valentine’s Day, the day of Mom’s burial.  At the funeral home, they told us, they already had retrieved Grandma’s body.  Who knew my mom and Grandma would be in the funeral home at the same time, after they passed!

Anyway, I digress (maybe I’ll get to over 2000 words yet!).  The point was prized possessions, and I have to say that I don’t have much.  I don’t have diamonds, fancy cars, a big house, awesome china, silverware, rubies, a magic oil lamp, gold, etc. I don’t have a letter from President Lincoln that he actually penned.  No letter from any of our Presidents.  No real attachment to much material, although I would miss a lot if it was suddenly all gone, but I’m not fondling it and drooling over it on a daily basis.

Some things I have that I treasure, again, in no particular order:

  • My Grandmother’s toy (or real) small iron, old style, I think she told me once it was a toy (not safe by today’s standards by any means, she was born in 1907).  It’s HEAVY!
  • The rearview window hanger with beads that I had made at a local shop, Beads N More,  from flowers from Mom’s and Grandma’s funerals.
  • A necklace made at the same shop with flowers from my daughter’s baby shower – first grandchild, has a charm that says “Grandma”.  Oh, my gosh, I’m a grandma!
  • A turquoise ring that a friend of mine gave me in the 70’s as a friendship ring.  She moved to Scotland in 2008, and I told her “now, don’t fall off the face of the earth and lose contact” – guess what, she did. Haven’t heard from her in about two years now.
  • My 2011, Game 6, World Series Program, and no, I’m not a Cardinal’s fan, read this.  Yes, it was a memorable game, blah blah blah.  Still, yes, I was there, but, I’m still a Texas Rangers fan.
  • My roll-top desk – something I always wanted, I got it for my birthday in 1997, and have loved it, even though my daughter says “It’s really just a place to throw junk, why don’t you get rid of it?” True, I don’t sit there anymore, but get rid of it?  No, I don’t think so.  It was from Unfinished Furniture, and WE finished it, looks nice, not getting rid of it.   Someday in the future, I’ll sit and pen letters (or write blog posts) there again.
  • My whole family picture – You see, my parents celebrated their 50th in 2006, and I had the bright idea to have an entire family (mom, dad, kids, & grandkids)  portrait done, and give to them as a 50th gift a framed 16 X 20 of that.  Sorry, it was a feat to put together, with only 5 kids and 12 grandkids (family drama did occur, but we won’t talk about that right now) – but, all that aside, I’ll bet there isn’t a member of this family who isn’t dang glad we did it, awful dang glad, well, you know because of what happened a year an a half later.
  • My mother-in-law’s copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  This little old sweet lady, mother of my second and current husband, was, as one person told me at her funeral, an angel on earth.  She didn’t have much when she died, but she had this book, and in the estate sale, no one wanted it.  I’ve read it a couple times, and I cherish the fact that maybe she read it, too.
  • A couple of baseballs signed by Texas Rangers back in the 1990s including Rusty Greer, Mark McLemore, Johnny Oates.
  • All the family pictures I have from late 70’s to now that I took.
  • Some of my mom’s quilt and quilting books that I kept (not magazines – too many)
  • The stand basket sewing basket that Mom had, even my 17 yr old daughter wanted to take it home when she saw it!
  • The pink fluer-de-lis quilt that I think my Grandma embroidered and my mom got one and my aunt got a blue one just like it, that my daughter also expressed interest in having someday.
  • The white chenille bedspread with fringe that my Grandmother had and my aunt let me take.

Okay, I have run on enough, not 2000 words  yet, but one more thing, and I am sure I have more treasured items I’ll think of later, but here is one I’ll never forget.

Even when Grandma was alive, either she, or was it my mom told me,  or both, when I’m gone, I want you to have my cedar chest.   See, in the olden days, a cedar chest was a treasured item that typically went to the first granddaughter, I think, or was that the wedding ring? Anyway,  I have it now, I don’t know exactly when it was bought, but I think sometimes in the late 1920s or early 30s, as I remember my mother telling me that Grandma insisted on buying it and paying for it herself, working, I can’t remember what, babysitting, something – so she could say this was “her’s”. she bought it from Sears, Roebuck and Co.


And, yes, I have it now, and here’s why. I’m not sure if I treasure the cedar chest or the note more.  I haven’t removed it.


There was no question as to who should get it, and now, I think I should pass it to my first grand-daughter, who will be born this year, soon, within a month or so. And, yes, I will leave my Grandmother’s message along with my own.



5 thoughts on “Things I Treasure”

  1. You saved the best until last. How lovely to have the note with the chest. I hadn’t checked todays task yet, and horrified to hear that they want something extra extra long. Oh well, I’m still behind and will get to it one day. Thanks for sharing all your favourite things (sorry about the ‘u’ but I’m Australian)

    1. Christine, the company I work for is partly based in Canada, but we are merging July 1st with an Australian company! So, it’s sort of my own inside joke. It doesn’t really bother me, just interesting really how we are all speaking the same language, but spell the same word differently, or have different words for the same thing like cookies, bathroom, French fries. Potato chips.

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