Day 17 – Worst Fear

What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears. If you’re up for a twist, write this post in a style that’s different from your own.

One of my worst fears? And, a style not my own. Ugh.

I’m really trying to finish this 20 day Writing 101, but ugh, so hard to keep on what I consider to be the theme of my blog – quilting. My brain muscles are being stretched like a sling shot used to launch stones marked for the kill of the hunter’s next meal. There, how was that?

Oh, fear, blah. The way things have been going lately with the AC out,  no desire to quilt, my fear is when will I get the gumption to get going again. Still so many projects to finish.   So, I’m hoping once that is resolved tomorrow, I will find some energy to forge on, especially with Grandma’s Grandmother fan, now that I found a quilt shop I think can help me decide what to do for the border.

Well, this sat for a day, so now the AC is fixed, and I have already assembled a quilt top for Quilts for Kids.  I have another pieced in rows of 10  3″ blocks each, 12 rows, the same as the finished top. Now on to quilting!  Now the question is, should I write or should I sew?

I’m going to just skip this fear post, and move on to the next. Well, I will leave you with this thought.  Ever notice how not many people talk about their fears, as if giving voice to them makes them stronger or something?

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