My real first quilt

I know, I know, three 1500 word posts were not enough, right?  Didn’t I cover this topic already?  Sheepishly, I must admit, after writing the saga of my first quilt, I was sewing one night, and remembered – “Oh, my gosh, I made a two baby quilts when I was pregnant with my firstborn!”

Okay, I didn’t think firstborn, but you get the picture.  So, here’s the story.

I was young, not even 20, newly married, pregnant, and we recently moved to Texas, 1000 miles away from everyone I knew!  We were relatively poor and I was lonely and bored, so as part of my nesting, I decided to sew up some baby clothes for my newborn.  Several outfits later, and numerous occasions of swollen feet, I had a few outfits. They were darling little one piece numbers and gowns, super cute, wish I still had them, but I unwittingly loaned them to a friend who never returned them.  They stood up really well over several children, though.

After I got the clothes done, and the bumper pad covers in a bright orange print, I had some leftover fabrics, and decided to make a baby blanket/quilt.  I had some iron-on embroidery patterns, so I picked a a couple designs, embroidered those, and put on a border.  Now, I didn’t know much about quilting back then, and I was in Texas, so I don’t think I used batting.  But, I wanted to hold two layers together, to cover the embroidery stitching, so I sewed multi-colored rows of stitching, basically machine quilting.

When I was done with that, I had an old flannel sheet that I cut and put two pieces together, and did about the same thing, except I had a patch I put in the middle.

Oh, and how does this tie in to Writing 101, Day Sixteen, something about “Lost and Found”? Well, I was pretty sure I had given these to my son when he moved to Georgia a couple years ago.  I sent him a text, and he replied that he was sure I did not.  I rummaged through my cedar chest, the only place I knew I would have them, but, they were not there.

I let him know I did not find them, and sent up a silent prayer that they were not lost.  A couple days later, he sent me pictures from his phone. And, here there are, the real first two “quilts” I ever made, when I was 20, for my baby. (not the best pictures)

IMG_0426 IMG_0427

Hey found them! It’s the goofiest looking rabbit ever?  I think so, but, hey, it was the early 80’s.

Having moved so much, I didn’t keep a lot of my kids toys or baby stuff, but I kept these, because I made them.  Now, my son can use them for his children, someday.


3 thoughts on “My real first quilt”

  1. Those little animals are so cute Sue, the rabbit adorable and you put a lot of work in the second one too, with all that quilting. You have created family heirlooms.

  2. Thanks, Christine, I actually created an heirloom for my son. I think the rabbit is silly, but there was also one on a small jacket/coat type thing, I know there’s a different name but it escapes me right now. It was what he wore home from the hospital and had his picture taken in though you can only see the rabbits ears. I don’t have that piece anymore, but this little silly quilt is special. I know he will cherish it for his first born.

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