Groudhog week?

Daily Prompt

If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?

No, I would not, could not relive this past week. No AC, and we waited too many night to get my son’s unused window unit, and too many nights with disturbed sleep, and coming home to a hothouse everyday as the unit wasn’t made for our large living room.  The only good day was last Friday going to volunteer at our local outdoor summer musical theater, The Muni.

Now, if I could relive another week, it would be last summer, the week of July 4th.  Leaving Wed., July, 3,  we drove to Missouri, stayed at my sister’s, got up the next day to head for Texas.  I’ll never forget the tears in my eyes as we turned onto Route 69/75 which would take us all the way to Dallas.  We drove straight to the Ballpark in Arlington, went to a Ranger’s game on the 4th, saw fireworks, and stayed at the hotel right by the ballpark.  I told my 16 yr old daughter that even though she was born in Texas, she didn’t remember it, but that we’d make her a Texan before we left, or we’d just have to stay until she could say it.  Even before the 4th inning at the Ballpark, she looked at me and said “Why does the North suck?”

Because it doesn't look like this.
Because it doesn’t look like this.

Bam, I didn’t have to do anything!  There’s a feel in southern air that I cannot describe, but it just feels like welcoming, home to me.  I remember fondly as I stood watching the fireworks after the game, “This has the best day I’ve had in a long time!”

The next day, we drove to almost Austin, Georgetown – for step-son’s rehearsal dinner, Friday and wedding and reception Saturday.   Even though it was 100 degrees that day, we didn’t feel all that hot.  Unfortunately, had to leave Texas WAY TOO SOON, and drove out of the state about 2:00 on Sunday, July 7.

The minute we drove into our now hometown, cloudy that day, humid, only 85 degrees, it felt immediately oppressive. There really is something to that “dry heat”.

But, at least we had a cooler full of Blue Bell ice cream!


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