The Texas Rangers Choked!

Daily Prompt -Do you have any funny/harrowing/interesting memories from a sporting event you attended, participated in, or watched?

With tears in my eyes,
I remember the night,
That the Texas Rangers played hard,
And fought with all their might.

I’d been a Ranger’s fan 1991-2000,
Taking the kids to at least one game a year.
Then, I moved back to Illinois and the Rangers I missed,
Rarely seeing  my team that I held so dear.

Then, in 2010, they were strong,
Made the playoffs and World Series.
My heart skipped a beat,
I could see them on TV, of that I would never grow weary.

They lost the series rather quickly,
But at least they won one.
I had to wait another year,
To see what could be done.

2011, it seemed no one could stop them.
All season, their division they led
And, they fought and they won.
And then they met those Cardinals in red.

Now I joked with my Dad,
Back in August, you see,
Rangers vs. Cardinals
It could never be.

But the Cardinals rallied,
came back to the lead.
And won their division,
And the playoffs, they’d done the difficult deed.

They started in St. Louis,
I don’t recall all the stats.
But there weren’t many fans,
In the stands wearing blue hats.

I scored some tickets
For game number six,
And watched each game fervently
Getting my fix.

Game One and Game Three, they lost
Oh, the horror!
But Game Two, Game Four, and Game Five,
They were the high scorers!

Oh, my gosh, could it be,
They only had to win one game.
We had to wait another night,
Ugh, postponed for the rain that never came!

We were all so excited,
Made a big sign with the “T”.
Wore our old Rangers gear
And made way to the city.

It was all looking good coming down to the eighth,
They were winning!
But then the Cardinals scored,
And there was another inning.

And then another, oh the bother.
It was getting late.
Everyone was on their feet
No one heading for the gate.

Inning 10, Rangers scored two,
There is little doubt.
We had our stuff packed
To go behind Ranger’s dugout.

Then the Cardinals scored,
The game was tied.
Another inning,
Ranger’s fans could have died.

Once again, in the 11th,
Had a one run lead.
But that was again lost,
I felt like I could bleed.

It was so close,
Til that Freese took the mound
And, what he did to that ball,
Was give it a good pound.

We saw the ball hit,
In that center field grass.
And no sooner we saw that, my husband said,
Let’s haul some ass.

Twice they were within
One strike away.
But they just couldn’t do it,
That October day.

Yes, I was there.
And people would tell me,
What a memorable game,
to pass on to your cronies.

I watched the next night
Expecting the worst.
And after that game,
Thought the Rangers were cursed.

I cried and I cried,
Seriously broken-hearted, man.
But then I remembered
At least I wasn’t a Cubs fan.

I’m the black sheep of the family,
Cardinals fans, all, you see.
But, ya’ll, I just keep sayin.
“Don’t Mess with the Texan in me!”






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