I am woman

Woo Hoo!  I rock!  I’m just going to say the internet is an AMAZING thing!

So, we moved into our house 10 years ago.  It has these great windows,  you can totally clean from the inside, double-sash or something like that.  I’m window ignorant.

Our AC went out last weekend, and it’s going to be next Tuesday before we get the new unit installed.  Everyone has been totally miserable because the temps have been in the mid 90’s, but in Illinois, it’s that oppressive humidity that’s really the problem.

Anyway, our house temp is hovering around 88 during the day, lucky to get down to 80 at night.  Finally, last night, my son had a window unit he said we could borrow.  We decided to put it in the living room window so we could all sleep in one room, two sofas and a blowup mattress.

Problem is, we couldn’t get the screen out.  So, stupidly, we just set it on a bin with it sticking all the way to the screen and ran it for about one whole day.

My husband goes outside about 10 pm tonight and says, it’s nicer outside than it is in here.  Yes, it was 81 in here, 73 outside.

Luckily, I said, well, we can just open the windows again and set the fan in front, it was pretty okay the other night.

As he went to turn of the AC window unit, he noticed the carpet was wet.  Yeah, we knew it would have some condensation, but didn’t know it would be that much.  The bin it was sitting on has a recessed lid, and the lid was full of water. Thank goodness the seal was tight, my quilting materials inside were unharmed.

So, now, we know there will be three more days of 90 degree heat, great, we love sweating <sarcasm here> and really, we are spoiled, so it’s suffering of a sort.

The big problem is that damned screen.  How to get it out?  My husband couldn’t find a screw, a knob, pull tabs, or even a small catch.  Now, I’m a woman.  And, I know, nobody would make a frigging screen you can’t get out to get outside in an emergency, to change if it gets damaged, or maybe even clean once every 10 years (yes, we’ll be doing that now that I know they are filthy).

So, I start searching on the internet.  I watched a video – nope, we don’t have those kind, I wouldn’t need a video for that anyway, too easy.  Not the kind with the latch, nope.  Less than1/2 hour, I swear, maybe even 15 minutes, I try to figure out different questions Google will come up with the right answer – and finally, I find a message board that says – “have you tried pushing the screen sideways to one side or the other, sometimes they are spring loaded”.  I got up, walked to the window in question, pushed the screen a bit on one side,  the screen went further into the groove on that side, but on the other side – it was coming out.

Problem solved.  Case closed.  Once you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.  Do or do not, there is no try.

I am woman! Hear me roar!



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