Not so typical day

Daily prompt

So, today’s assignment is to write in a way you normally don’t write, your typical day. I’m not really a rant blogger, but today isn’t my typical day, maybe I can let off some steam. I’ll even try to kill two birds with one stone, and see if I can take care of that Writing 101 exercise.

Saturday was a beautiful, mild temp day, went to my hometown carnival, came home and my husband says, “I kicked on the AC when I got home, and it ran for two hours.”

“Well, I said, it’s supposed to be cool again tonight, we can probably turn it off later and open the windows.”

Sure enough, we were able to do that. However, Sunday afternoon rolls around, it’s getting warmer in the house, I kick on the AC, and it ran for two hours, and the temp in the house went up 3 degrees!

This week promises to be in the low to mid 90’s all week, and we have no AC.  Now, our house was built sometime in the 60’s and the unit we have is probably the original.  The HVAC guy comes out yesterday and says, it’s the condenser. We are looking at having to replace the whole shooting match.

I came home early from work today to meet with the owner of the HVAC so he can give me an estimate.  He asked what my gas bills ran and I told him, so he said he could do an 82% efficient or the 95%, and there would be a cost difference.

A couple hours later, after watching a Netflix video because who wants to do much of anything when it’s 88 degrees in your house and all the fans seem to do is push around hot air, he calls to tell me $5400 for the 82 and $6000 for the 95. Tell me, where is the difference in cost there?  And, they can’t install till next week!

But, thats not what finally did me in.  My son then called asking for money. Not much, but still, another $100.

After that, I decided maybe I need to write on my blog or better yet, look for a job that pays more. So, I boot up my laptop, my daughter wants to quickly use it to download a new cd onto her iPod. Fine, whatever. She says, “why isn’t to the ‘b’ key working?”

I am starting to get irritable, yeah, 6 hours in a hot house will do that.  “It was working last night.” Sit down, she’s trying to go under her user name which she password protected and obviously her password has a “b” in it. I go into mine, which I figure why do I need to password protect my home laptop that I never take anywhere? Open Word, abcdefg. Oh, look ma, no “b” an d no “n”.

I say, well darn,I was going to do some blogging tonight, and my daughter says, “you could cut and paste the b and the n when you need it.” What? Are you kidding me! I should try that, not!

Well, what else can happen today? So, I’m typing this on my iPad,which I hate doing because autocorrect is sometimes Not helpful at all, and other annoying things.

Still, I honk I am not sounding very ranting, if I could type faster without watching out for autocorrect, this post would be a lot more hostile!


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