I’m here, sitting on top of my mother’s grave.  Haven’t been here for quite some time.  I look around and see all the names that were familiar to me from my childhood.

Was it Anne Rice that said she liked cemeteries because they are quiet – no, I think it was the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo.  It is quiet here, a perfect place to think and write.

Soaking up some sun here, sure can use a Vitamin D boost.  It’s a beautiful day, not too hot.  I just visited a quilt shop Mom used to frequent.  I have to go back there again, often.

Mary and Jodi had stories of vintage feed sack fabrics.  Jodi’s dad worked at a feed store, and Jodi remembers having to move those printed sacks because a lady wanted a certain print on the bag at the bottom of the stack. I showed them the picture of the fan quilts Grandma did, and they oohed and aahed over it.  We talked a bit more about hand quilting and machine quilting and other things.

These ladies are older, probably Mom’s age.  I really enjoyed talking to them and it made me want to talk to my Mom or Grandma again.  More than one person has said, “Your Mom would be so proud of you and your quilting now.”  I know she would be, but that’s not why I do this (yet another post) – although finishing some of their projects was the reason I started, and I haven’t gotten them all done, it’s still not the reason I continue, either.

I’ll never be the quilter my Mom or Grandma used to be.  But I do okay with my own style, free-motion, by machine.

I don’t cry much about her death anymore, but the tears are flowing now.  I miss you, Mom.  I wish I had paid more attention to your stories or video taped more, or anything to capture a bit of you that is gone forever.  I have a cassette tape, I think it’s an audio letter you sent once, at home.  I need to listen to it finally.

Wonder where I can find a cassette player?  Don’t think I have one anymore.

Oh, Theresa has one!

p.s.: I’m adding the Daily Prompt, even though I’m not the one who is proud.  It’s weird, but I thought of this post before I saw the topic.  Maybe I’m becoming psychic.


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