Quilting, not a dying art form?

I know this is silly, but sometimes, I prefer actually writing my posts, by hand, using cursive writing. Sometimes, I miss writing by hand. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, this was one main ways to communicate with others.

I remember when I moved to Texas in 1981. Back then, to talk on the phone to someone in Illinois was “long distance” and was rather costly. We had to watch the pennies then, so we each, my husband and I, called home once a month, talked an hour or so, and maybe called one other friend a month.

As a result, I wrote a lot of letters and sent cards and postcards. I”ll never forget going to the mailbox and being ever so thrilled when there was a letter or card from far away (everyone was far away to me then). If there were two, I practically leap for joy!

Since moving back to Illinois in 2001, I’ve written probably as many letters as I did that first year I moved away. With the internet well established, I had converted from hand written to typed e-mails.

We were slow onto the cell phone bandwagon holding out till 2006. A couple years later, my kid’s text usage forced me to get a family texting plan. Then, I didn’t even have to pick up the phone or email to ask someone a quick question, I could just text.

Add to that Facebook messaging, and who really does take the time to write an actual letter these day?  I have certainly received few in my mailbox in 10 years.

What does all this have to do with quilting. Not a darn thing really. Well, maybe something. With the dawn of the industrial age, factory made blankets and quilts imported from foreign countries, I wonder if quilting saw a downturn? I assume it probably did. Even now, I know you can buy a nice looking quilt set on eBay for about $50. I can barely make a quilt for that cost unless the majority of it is made with Mom’s stash of fabrics. Plus, see Quilt Appreciation 101 to see how many hours I would spend. It hardly seems worth it, does it?

Still, it feels to me as if there’s almost a resurgence in the quilting field. Hand quilting is holding on,  but machine quilting seems to be booming. Maybe I see it this way because the internet seems to make the world a smaller place. I see numerous online stores, blogs, web-sites, YouTube videos, Yahoo groups all geared toward quilting.

It could be that I now talk the quilt talk, so people naturally offer their experiences once I offer mine. There are a lot of people I’ve know a long time and never knew they quilted until I started. I’ve met strangers who talk about their quilting experience, or their mom, or their grandma, if the subject comes up.

So, why do people continue to do this? I know my reasons (I’ll share in another post), what are yours?

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