Childhood food (fond) memories

Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal. For the twist, focus on infusing the post with your unique voice.

Finally, a topic I can sink my teeth into – or used to!  Food from my childhood! No worries here about finding my own unique voice, I think I’ve done a decent job of that so far.  Funny, I think I have already discussed this with my friends, who hasn’t?

You have already heard about Grandma’s famous braided cinnamon Coffee Cake or as the recipe states “Coffee Holiday Bread”.  I’ve already talked about my mom’s homemade vanilla ice cream.  I’m sure I can’t focus on one thing, so I guess I’ll do a list of some favorites in no particular order.

Imagine this with icing with a touch of black walnut flavoring!

Imagine this with icing with a touch of black walnut flavoring!

  • Pot roast with potatoes and carrots – still my favorite meal.  It always sits well, tastes good, and hits the spot.
  • Mom’s rhubarb upside down cake – a very special treat that Dad has taken to making.  Yum!
  • Chicken soup with rice. – I still remember the smell of the house when I’d walk in from school and mom was making this for dinner – usually in the wintertime.  I’ve made it, but I guess my tastes  have changed?
  • Texas Cake – I don’t know where Mom got the recipe, but my sister and I have tried to reproduce this cake, and again, it’s okay, but never quite tastes like we remember.   My gluten free version is surprisingly okay, though, also not super special. At the Miller family reunions, our cousins pine, “I miss your mom and her Texas Cake.” (no kidding)
  • Grandma’s Peach Pie – not her apple pie, my favorite was the peach.  Others would say the blackberry or mulberry or cherry.  She liked to make pies, I guess. I don’t know what kind of peaches she used or how much sugar, pretty sure it was a lard crust, but I have never, since my childhood, eaten a piece of ANY peach pie that came close to hers.  Waaaaahhh!

    peach pie

  • Smoked beef sausage (no store bought compares, made with mustard seeds, watch out, they pop when frying! burn, yup, I did) barley sausage, blood sausage, beef liver (should have eaten this all the time to avoid that blood transfusion due to anemia, seriously) beef tongue and beef heart – and brains, really, no really!, brains – though beef brains were better than pork brains – chicken gizzards and frog legs.  I really shock some people when I tell them the delicacies we used to eat when I was a kid.  We used to butcher our own cows and pigs, and even did chickens one year.  I remember my dad cutting off the heads and my Grandma dipping the dead chickens in a big vat of boiling water to loosen the feathers which we then plucked. Yes, chickens can run around with their heads cut off! Scary, when you are a kid! You think it’s coming for you, ahhhhhh!  And, to this day, I don’t like cows eyes because my dad had me close my eyes once and hold out my hands and guess what he put in them?  Yup!  Scarred for life!

    beef livercow eyes

  • Tomatoes fresh from the garden – Yeah, dad still grows tomatoes!  I’m sorry, but no store bought tomato can compare to one grown in your own backyard, fresh off the vine.  I used to pick them, wash them with the hose, and eat them like an apple.  Cucumbers, too. Yum!

    tomato plant

  • Bread and butter pickles – My mom used to can these, had to do something with all those cucumbers! I did it one year with store bought – yeah, one year, that’s it. Get it?  Does anyone do their own canning anymore?
  • Fresh lemonade at the hometown summer carnival (called Homecoming) – real lemons sliced and squeezed into a cup with copious amounts of sugar, water, usually shaken up – Still good, though I have kind of graduated to lemon margaritas, but only in the summer. Especially thirst quenching then!

I’m sure I’ll think of more the second I hit publish, but please, leave comments as to your favorite foods from childhood.

p.s.: This doesn’t relate to quilting at all, although… it is better to have a full stomach when quilting or sewing. I’m hungry now…


8 thoughts on “Childhood food (fond) memories”

  1. Several of these are favorites of mine. Pot roast and potatoes… my mom used to make it. Then my mother-in-law … “Want another potato, Melanie?” Oh she was wicked! 🙂 And of course I make it and have passed on the secrets to others, as well. Thanks for the memories.

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