My sewing room – Writing 101 Day 8

Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. 

Couldn’t get out today, so my sewing room will have to suffice. Warning, this is rather boring but there is a point to it all.

You walk down the stairs of this tri-level home, hit the landing, and one step  directly through the door to what used to be the family room.  The floor is tile squares, reminds me of mossy cave walls, browns, copper and mostly green.  The walls are yellow, the trim a tan, the fireplace, at an angle takes up the whole corner, is a dark chocolate brown with a tan mantle.  My kids wedding and graduation pictures sit up there.

The room is shaped like an L, wider on one end, the end you enter into.  Once in the doorway, Grandma’s sewing machine sits in front of you, by the fireplace.   On the fireplace floor ledge sits our modem and router.  Why they chose this spot to bring the cable into, I’ll never know.  To the left of the fireplace are two card tables, yes, card tables, one with the Brother PQ1500 and its extension table.  On top of the card table that holds the machine is a 3′ X 4′ piece of luan, to make the whole set up a little more stable.  Card tables really don’t make good sewing tables, but surprisingly, these work pretty well together.  These tables sit about 2 feet from the far end wall.  Two windows, at ground level, are a bit over half way up this wall.  When sitting at the sewing machine, these windows are to my back.

On the side wall, over half way up, are 4 long shelves,  6 inches deep, holding knick knacks, mostly Precious Moments figurines.    The 2nd to the bottom shelf has a clip light with a bendable neck attached to it and pointed towards the sewing machine.  Right below it are the plugs for the light and my machine.  The bottom shelf is littered with sewing notions: spools of thread, quilting gloves, a couple of sewing feet, needles, etc.

Further down are three more windows and in the furthest corner, more shelves, which hold DVDs.

Under the card tables are two bins with old fabric scraps.  Next is an old microwave cart which holds my sewing box with threads and needles, a box for quilting templates, and a couple other boxes with various other sewing and quilting notions.

Next is a table, actually directly to  your left once you step in the door, a side table typically found in a living room.  Next to it is a light tan recliner.   On the far left wall, once you turn towards the back of the room, is a quilt rack which was a gift from Mom’s cousin, Karen.   I didn’t have a quilt rack, so it was a very welcome gift.   I don’t really use it to display quilts yet, but it is very useful.  Now it holds some pre-washed and ironed material, the butterfly quilt, and my embroidery quilt – folded to the underside to prevent sun fading as these windows face the west and allow in the afternoon sun.  As I’m working on assembling quilts, sometimes I throw the rows on top of this to keep them from wrinkling.

In the corner behind the quilt rack, is a hanging quilt rack that I haven’t hung yet.  🙂 Behind the recliner are a few more boxes and bins with quilt material, batting and such.  Kind of a mess because I had to relocate my sewing room at the end of 2013 because my daughter decided she wanted to use the living room (my old sewing room) for a New Year’s Eve party for her friends! I’ve been too busy just quilting and blogging to take the time to organize everything.

The mess behind the recliner doesn’t include the several bins of material/fabric I still have in the garage.  Someday, I hope to get an unused chest of drawers out of the crawl space, set it up, and use it for storing fabrics in order, by drawer.

That’s it.  It’s messy, I don’t have some big fancy table or cabinet.  I use a card table chair when I sit and sew – I have to get up often and stretch because it’s not that incredibly comfortable –  but I don’t mind. You really should do that anyway.  The card table works best because I found my kitchen table too high – I got neck and shoulder cramps. The second card table acts an extension to help support the weight of quilts so they don’t drag the floor while I’m quilting.  I also use it to lay out blocks when I’m sewing to make sure I’m getting them in the right order in the row.

There you have it. Nothing fancy.  Didn’t spend a lot of money on it.  It works. It’s not the best.  Now you know why I enter contests that offer fancy sewing table/cabinets.

Q-Tip #16 – You don’t have to spend thousands to have a decent quilting set-up.


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