Butterfly Hanky Quilt

Writing 101 – Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view.

I’m not into fiction yet.  A lot of these Writing 101 prompts seems to be focused on fiction.  The theme of perspectives, though,  how can I relate that to quilting?  Then, I remembered I wanted to write a piece on my butterfly hanky quilt.

This is part fiction, though, as this conversation never actually happened, maybe something close to it.

I set the folded quilt on the bed and begin to unfold to reveal the finished quilt top.

Butterfly quilt
Butterfly quilt

“Oh, look how pretty it is.  It’s just gorgeous!”

“Look at the detail in your quilting, that’s amazing.  Was that by hand or machine? Was it that free-motion stuff?  I could never do the machine quilting like that. Did it take you a long time?”


It’s by machine and yes, it took a lot of time!

“Oh, look, you hand appliqued the hankies to the blocks.  Those really are some vintage handkerchiefs, aren’t they?   Hand embroidery is becoming a lost art.”

Butterfly block detail
Butterfly block detail

“Where did you get all those hankies?”

My Mom had them all when she died.

“I have a few of those like that – used to be my grandmother’s.  This green and yellow one looks like one of hers.”

“That must have take a lot of time, do you work outside the home? How do you find the time to do all this?”

Yes, I do .

“I made a hanky quilt once, but just laid the handkerchiefs flat, not folded like that.  Where did you get the idea?”

From a magazine Mom had.

“Do you like butterflies?”

Mom did.

“I’d be afraid to use it, do you use it?”

I would if I had a guest bed.

“I can see this may be an heirloom you’ll probably give to your granddaughter someday, huh?”

Probably.  I thought, “who could I give it to” when I finished it, some really special lady in my life – but then I realized the only person I could think of was Mom and she’s gone.  Plus, if she hadn’t died, I probably wouldn’t have gotten her quilting stuff, and it wouldn’t have been made then. Ironic, isn’t it?

“Well, it’s an absolutely beautiful treasure.”

Butterfly quilt drape
Butterfly quilt drape

From the differing perspectives, how many people are viewing the quilt?

13 thoughts on “Butterfly Hanky Quilt”

  1. I’m guessing three: the quilter and two other individuals — one who knows a lot about quilting and one who doesn’t have that background knowledge. (But there might be two different “non-quilter” voices, putting 4 people in the scene rather than 3. I kinda went back and forth on that.)

    I hear you about the fiction-writer tone to a lot of the prompts. I’ve been having my own brand of fun making the prompts work for me.

  2. I possibly had the magazine you got this idea from. But I’ve lost it. I’ve collected enough hankies, and went to find the magazine and it is….gone. Can you tell me what it is so I can try to find a copy online? This quilt is just gorgeous. I so want to make one, too.

    1. I have to look for it but I may have a PDF of the two or three pages I could send you. Email me at osuzyq828 at iCloud dot com and I’ll get on my computer. This magazine is from the 80’s or 90’s.

  3. Sue, funny I didn’t notice that before that you have the same name. Anyway, I want to give you good advice on this web tutorial page but it’s kind of extensive and I need to go to bed because I have to work in the morning so if you can wait a day or two that would be great. I have the experience of making one of these already so I hope that you can just wait a few hours for my advice regarding this particular webpage tutorial. I have reviewed it but it’s just going to take a little bit more time to break down each aspect of it that I think is good or bad. Thanks for reading and I’ll be with you soon.

    1. Thanks, Suzy. I’m ready to put another quilt in the frame, so haven’t started this one yet. I look forward to your advice.

    2. Hi Suzy, I sent an email off to you today. End of summer projects and stuff to do with my grandkids got in the way of me getting one off any sooner. Thanks for your time.

  4. Your quilt is simply beautiful and I want to make one also. Can you send me the name of the magazine so I may try to find it or better yet, it you have time e-mail me the pattern pages if you feel like sharing. Again, beautiful and a great way to use Grandma’s and Mom’s hankies. arizonajanice@aol.com

  5. I saw your quilt and it is next in line for me to try my hand at! It will be going to a friend’s daughter for her wedding. The handkerchiefs were her Great Grandmother’s. Any hints or suggestions, I sure could use them.

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