Writing 101- Day 3 Commit to Writing Practice

Three Significant Songs?

Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit. Today’s twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice. The frequency and the amount of time you choose to spend today — and moving forward — are up to you, but we recommend a minimum of fifteen uninterrupted minutes per day.

Okay, so I admit, for a quilting blog, this one had me stumped. Three songs and quilting – help me out here, folks!

How about my own twist – three people that were influential to my quilting hobby? Yeah, I can do that!

Okay, so, I’m sure you have already guessed #1 and #2 – Mom and Grandma, so maybe I should go with three others?

Well, naturally, at first thought, I have to go with Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project blogspot. http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/ Without her, I’m not sure how or if I would have been able to be brave enough to start free-motion quilting. Her videos and 365 + free-motion designs have been very instrumental to my learning. I also like her attitude about doing what works for you!

Free Motion Quilting Project

Jenny Doan at The Missouri Star Quilt Company, https://www.missouriquiltco.com/. Her tutorials on YouTube helped me out a great deal. She makes it look like quilting is just a bunch of fun, and tells you all the time – have fun with it. I also like her free-style piecing techniques as sometimes, she just doesn’t pin and other time consuming things that are a deterrent and reek of “hard work”.

I heart Missouri Star Quilt Co

This #3 spot is actually two people, or more, okay, I’m cheating a bit here.

Elaine G. – a friend of the family’s.  Many years when I was a kid, our families would have get-togethers, and the kids would be in one room and grown-ups in another. I don’t know how many quilting stories Mom and Elaine shared. I didn’t even know she was a quilter till after Mom died 6 years ago. I also didn’t know that she got into it by my Aunt Mary Miller – I didn’t know either one was even a quilter at all! I’m sure my Mom never mentioned it, did she? But what really got me about Elaine that motivated me was her photo album of her finished quilts. I drooled over that thinking, “Oh, my goodness, can I ever hope to get this many quilts made?” Secretly, I thought, “I can try.” Or the old Yoda saying “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Aunt Liz Miller – before I got into quilting, she helped finish the binding on a quilt that was all done except for the binding – one that Mom or Grandma had done before they died, no one knew exactly who had worked on it or quilted it. But, when I went to pick it up, she was working on a quilt with diamond pieces, sewing it by machine, and again, I thought, “This quilting stuff, I just have to do it.” Even though Liz doesn’t do the quilting, she does piece things together and maybe even, I don’t know, does some simple machine quilting.

The quilting ladies at Immanuel Lutheran Church – again, how I wish I had spent more time with them.  Religiously, they would meet every Tuesday and quilt away, and talk, and have lunch, and quilted many beautiful quilts, donating their earnings to the church or for other charitable purposes. Even though the group quit meeting a couple years after Mom died, a testament to how influential she may have been in keeping the group going, I still remember each of those ladies, and hope that somewhere in the church archives are some of the pictures from the group and the many quilts they made.

Okay, one more, my daughter, Ashley, as she was the first one I can think of that ever asked me to make a quilt for her.  What was she thinking?

Gratuitous picture of her with me and my grandson (there will be more of those to come).

Gma Ashley Andy Nov 9 2012


Q-Tip #9 – Quilting, like writing, takes practice, practice, practice, and basically just doing it.

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